All about Saturn By Dalip

Saturn was the Roman name for Cronus, the lord of the titans in Greek mythology.Saturn happends to the root of the English word “Saturday”
Saturn is a gas giant made up mostly of hygrogen and helium. Saturn is the seocond largest planet, big enough to hold more than 760 Earths, and is more massive than any other planet except Jupiter, roughly 95 times Eaths mass. however, Saturn has the lowest density of all the planets, and is the only one less dense than water – if there was a bathtub big enough to hold it, Saturn would float on top.Although the other gas giants in the solar system — Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune — also have rings, those of Saturn are without a doubt the most extraordinary. The largest one to date spans up to 200 times the diameter of the planet.  Also Saturn is -270 degress.

Epic Dragon Rap By Kamal & Rayan

Most Dragons breath fire and don’t you dare call me a liar.

Listen to me now Dragons exist but you never ever see them because they hide in the mist.

They fly around the fortress with ultimate grace and they will never ever lose a race.

Giants are so tall but if they fall they will cause an earthquake and brake the wall.

Lava Jaws will crush you with their paws they are also long ranged and overtime their skills will change.

Minotaurs will lower their horns and they will charge at you without any cause, and they will not pause until they smash your jaws but they can’t attack Dragons because Dragons have terrible claws.


My space quiz!! by simran

 Can you try and answer my questions in this tricky quiz! If you can a go and try and answer then and tell me what you think!

1) Which is the closest planet to the sun?

2) What is the hottest planet?

3) Is Neptune bigger than Earth?

4) Is the sun a star or a planet?

5) What is known as the ‘red planet’?

6) Earth is located in which galaxy?

I hope you enjoy them and make sure you tell me what you think!

Changes By Paige

For year 5 topic we have been looking at Changes. In our topic we are learning how changes can effect people and why they do, we also have been looking at Changes for our assembly time. We have learnt that changes have different emotions on people. Changes is a very good topic we have played a game in school where 1 or 2 people go outside the classroom you change something on a child or they change seats, they walk in a they have to guess what has been changed.

Have you ever had a change?

Has it ever effected you?

How did you feel when you heard the news?

Here is a change that has happend to me:

When I was 6/7 I was having a new baby sister I was really excited but I was thinking is my new sister going to have all the attention? I didn`t know what to expect, I had mixied emotions but when she was born we were all excited even I was and I didn`t have mixed emotions anymore.

Changes could have a big effect on the world like when David Cameron has changed one of the laws or something else. They usally have a effect on everybody, everybody has ad a change in their life weather it is moving house or even having a new brother or sister.


Hercules’ description. By Jai

Hercules is a powerful, invincible man with hench, solid shoulders, an ageless determined face, and eyes that seemed to pierce a knife into your heart. He has a face like a vicious, blood-thirsty beast! His face dominates with uncontrollable anger.

He has a voice which booms like thunder, causing even a king to fall silent in respect. One stern word will cause instant chills down your spine. He rules all living life like a god.

He is aggressive when he needs to be, however when he turns on the charm the ladies fall to his feet!

Hercules is probably the most arrogant, cocky person you’ll ever meet.

One large step will cause the entire villiage to shake and almost making it collapse!

Back to his charming looks. Even though he’s a burning fireball when fighting, when he smiles the whole world smiles back and with him.  His pupils are the moon eclipsing with the radiant, beaming sun!

A description of Hercules!!


Hercules’ eyes were gleaming like the clear , crystal ocean.His hench arms punched like a heavy weight champion.His voice boomed like thunder, causing even kings to fall  silent in respect.When he starts to sing  every woman wants to be his wife.His legs were as strong as steel bars.When he speaks even the flowers stop listening and the trees start shaking.All of his pupil were like a moon eclipsing the radiant sun.His face was as dark as the shadows of twilight.One stern word instantly sends a chill down your spine!However one sweet word from him will leave women’s knees trembling.

Jaspreet’s description of Hercules.

Hercules, who has dark muscular arms,is the strongest man in the   world .He is also Zeus’s son .Hercules has a  cape made of a  lions skin which is impenetrable and usful in battle . He has a beard that runs down to his hands and hair which dangles down to his legs . Sometimes his face appears like an angry lion ready to drink blood. Despite Hercules being tough and angry in battle,he is usually very peaceful to be around.

Character description for Hercules By Rayan Malik

Hercules was staring into the distance. His eyes were as shiny as gold. His hair was wrapped around his head like a turban. He held his golden sword in the air and showed off his skills. He slays all kinds of powerful beasts with the help of his fire breathing bird that is always floating swiftly through the air like a great dragon. His cloak, which is made out of lion fur, protected him from lurking evils in the dark shadowy forest. Hercules does not fear anything.