Hello Year 5/6!


I hope you are enjoying the holidays and have made the most of them so far.

After 5G emailed Pastor Steve (on behalf of our fair trade fundraising for The Rock of Joy School Uganda) I have received a reply from him which I thought you might like to read:

Precious ones,
Greetings and love from Rock of Joy and thank you for the great work of serving the nation you are doing. I write to express gratitude concerning your acts of kindness and generosity accorded me while I was there. I still have warm thoughts and fond memories of the loving moments I had with you. Your photos here keep bringing the memories live and I relish every moment of taking a look at them.
I am humbled to know that the testimonies I shared with you touched you in a special way and moved you to feel it within your hearts to oraganising a fundrasing drive for the African child. Thanks indeed for showing us that gesture of love. We appreciate the contribution made and we trust it will change lives in a big way. I will travel back to the UK in September at an uncertain date as of now God willing. I would love to pay to you a courtesy call thank you for your gift of love in a live voice. We continually remember you in our prayers and we trust the good lord to safely protect you.
Wishing you the best of luck while in the United Kingdom in Jesus’ name.
Pastor Steve
Although it was a few months ago now your hard work really paid off so well done!
Good luck for year 6, it will be strange not seeing you in September!
Miss Gaze


Hi everyone.

For those of you coming to the Bearwood Resort next week, here’s confirmation of the details:
Tuesday 27th August – Friday 30th August
9.30 – 12.30
Come to the Main Entrance and I’ll be there waiting to welcome you.
Wear casual, ‘sporty’ clothes, not school uniform or PE kit.
Bring a drink and some snacks.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.

A strange creature

Morning everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying your break. I’m on holiday at the moment, in a place called Stokesley, in Yorkshire.

Have a look at this photo I took last night of the sunset…

Can you see the strange mythical beast that has appeared? Could you write a short story, telling me about this beast? It’d be great to read them!