Kiran’s Flashback Story

Sitting silently, in my bedroom daydreaming about chocolate and doing my homework at the same time, I was calculating 128-75, when all of a sudden a song started to play from the radio. It sounded really familiar, so I decided to put down my work and think for a while, where had I heard this music before? I was trying to refresh my memory so I could remember the song and finally I did, that was only because I saw something from the corner of my eye which was blatantly staring at me: the little musical metal toy on my shelf. It was a music box which played the same tune as grandad did on his piano. I remember my house always had this music playing so it was always playing in my house when granddad was around. It reminded me of a memory from the past.

It was a damp, rainy day and I heard a knock on the front door. I raced rapidly so I could see who it was. When I twisted the door handle I saw grandad. I ran towards him and he hugged me tightly. He came inside and sat in the living room. I shouted at mom to come down and she made a cup of tea for both of us and a cookie. It was delicious I asked for more but there was none left. I was very bored and I told grandad if he could take me for a walk down to the park and he agreed. I went to get my black rain coat, yellow umbrella and black wellies and I was ready to go. I was jumping up and down in wet, miserable puddles while grandad held my hand. We finally reached the best park in the world. It was huge. I pulled my bag off my shoulder and got out a bouncy ball. The ground was getting dry and the sky was getting brighter. We both played catch and then grandad pushed me on the swing, then we went down the slide and then finally we sat down at the brown wooden bench, and was playing silly games. When the weather was getting a bit chilly we walked home and sat by warm heater and mum made us some gingerbread men.

All of a sudden there was a knock on my bedroom door. It was mum.
“Have you done your homework sweetie!” Asked mum.
“No mom not really I’ve only done my maths!” I replied.
“I have given you a whole hour to do your homework!” mum moaned.
I was really tired. I will do my homework later. When I came down I heard a crying voice coming from the living room. I peeked through the door and I couldn’t believe it. It was mum. Wait a minute, well one moment mum came upstairs and was all fine and was in a good mood and the next moment she is sad and crying. I went into the living room and asked mom what happened. She said that her iPhone cracked. I wasn’t that bothered and went back to my room upstairs. As I was walking up to my bedroom I saw a blue glittery photo album on the ironing table. I picked it up and took it into my bedroom. I saw lots of pictures when mum was younger and then I turned the next page and there was a picture of a young gentleman. It looked really familiar. Oh yeah! It was grandad. It instantly reminded me of a memory from the past.

“Now there is a picture of me when I was younger!”
The pictures were amazing.
“Grandad can I help you water the plants in your garden?”
“Of course you can dear!”
Grandad and me went outside and got out the watering can from the shed. I filled it up with water and then we started watering the flowers. There was so many beautiful flowers. I loved the blue one. Then we planted a few more flowers. We chose a blue flower, a yellow flower and a purple flower. They were really pretty. When we were done with that we ate cookies. Then we went out for a walk. It was really cool. We arrived home and granddad was feeling poorly and felt miserable. I was crying and crying.
“Grandad! What happened?”
I picked up the phone and was thinking of mums number. I think it was 07247364934. I’ll try it. Somebody answered the phone it was mum.
“Mom! mom! Come quick to granddads house! Grandad has died!”
Mom put the phone down and ran to granddads house. The door bell rang and I ran as fast as I could to answer it. It was mum.
“Mum! Mum! Quick!”
Mum fished out her iPhone from her bag. Even though it was cracked and she didn’t even have any credit. She pressed the emergency call button and the ambulance answered it.
“Hello this is an emergency! Please come quick. My fathers passed away. Please come quick”
“Okay we will be right away.”
Mom put the phone down and the doorbell rang again. I answered it and it was a policeman and an ambulance. They came inside and took grandad to the hospital. Mum asked if we can come too and we were allowed. I sat on a pale seat at the back and grandad was on this white seat it looked like a bed. Mum was texting dad to check on the house and that grandad was in hospital because he suffered a stroke. Tears were cascading down my bright pink cheek. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to stay calm. (However in the inside, tears were leaking down my face like a water fall). I just can’t believe that this has even happened. We arrived to the hospital. Mum and me were waiting fingers crossed, hoping everything would be fine. There was a knock on the door. It was the nurse.
“I am really sorry to say that your father has unfortunately passed away.”
Tears rolled down my face. This was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I just don’t know what to say. I went to see grandad for the last time. His eyes were shut and his arms were by his side. I kissed him on the head.
“Bye grandad I will miss you for ever.”
My tears landed on granddads hand. I can’t believe that this has happened. We had to leave. I was walking down the corridor with mum. We got into the ambulance van and we arrived home. Dad answered the door.
“You alright son.”
“No dad grandad has died.”
Dads face almost dropped. I saw tears in dads eyes. The next morning we had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and get dressed because we had to go to granddads funeral. I put on some new clothes and my trainers. I ate some cereal and drank some orange juice. It didn’t help me take away my tears. We got in the car and dad drove off right to the funeral.

The more I looked at the photo the more tears were running down my face. I got myself a cup of water so I could stay calm. I went back upstairs and try to finish off my homework…

By Kiran.

Jim’s flashback story

Today was raining all day. I was playing on my iPad, but then the music that came on the radio reminded me of an old song grandad used to play on the piano…

I was in the living room playing an old board game with grandad. The walls were half orange and half cream, with brown carpet and white curtains. Grandad James had grey hair, a brown jacket, grey trousers, blue eyes, fair brown skin like me and a old brown chequered flat cap. Cheating secretly, he took some cards and slyly put them in his deck of cards under the coffee table.

Whenever I hear a car it reminds me of when we both went go- carting and he beat me by 10. But then I said to him “sing a song” and he laughed so I told him to forget it. I loved going go carting with grandad it was fun, me and him always over took each other in go carting. I didn’t really know how to go faster but then I found the accelerator. Then I crashed into the walls.

I sat on the floor in living room, and then a ice cream van went past and it reminded me of grandad and I went to the circus and while we were there we had Ice cream and I had pretzel on mine and grandad had toffee apple but unfortunately he could not eat it because he hadn’t teeth.

The music reminded me of when me and grandad when to Blackpool pleasure beach we both went on the Pepsi max. I loved it I was so happy grandad face was jiggling through the air, the girls were screaming and I was just looking at the beautiful view I could see are house from here.

But then the music stopped so then grandad disappeared in my head… I was so upset and I felt like I was lonely, sad and dejected boy who has no one. I am In distress without grandad in my life.

I remembered the day that grandad died, he was lying in the coffin with a suit on with people singing sad music, every body was wearing black clothes in the mandir. People were saying thanks, a speech or a pray. I was really upset because he was a member of family that had gone forever. I looked like I had a brave face (however I was heart broken deep down).

I wished the day would never end when he died. Me and grandad would always have a dance party. when mom and dad went we always would have invited are friends, but then he had always pull a muscle when he danced. When it was his birthday I placed a letter on his grave, with blue flowers because it was his favourite colour.

I loved grandad and I wished I had never lost him. Rest in peace grandad James. I have a picture of him hung in my room. When I hear his favourite song that he played on the piano it feels like I can hear him weeping in my soul for help.

But then I was back in the living room on my iPad on the sofa.

By Chetan