What ifs? What would you do?

What If? questions can help you think about what to do in case of bullying.
There are no right answers because every case is different. Use the questions
to decide what you think might work. Think of your own solutions and ideas.

1. You are walking to school and a gang of older bullies demands your
money, skateboard, mobile phone, etc. Do you:
a. Fight them?
b. Shout and run away?
c. Give them the money?

2. You are on the school playground and someone accidentally trips
you. Do you:
a) Hit the person hard?
b) Give him or her a chance to apologise?
c) Sit down and cry?

3. You are in the school toilet and a bully comes in, punches you and
then tells you not to do anything or ‘you’ll get worse’. You know who
the person is and you have never done anything to him/her. Do you:
a) Wait until the person leaves and then tell a teacher?
b) Get in a fight with him/her?
c) Accept what happened and don’t tell?

Leave your ideas below. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.