Rapping Poets

Congratulations to 5LH for being the first poets to win the Bearwood Slam.Here’s the winning poem.

Help the environment save the town!
If not the earth will fall down!

Earthquake, earthquake shake the world.
Its effecting boys and girls.
Help us out what shall we do?
People say its not you.

Come on guys stop the pollution!
Come on help us find a solution!
Pollutions not a joke It’s just mean!
Get out that seat and get your fingers green!

Stop the litter, stop it now.
It is dangerous in this town.
Pick up litter make it clean.
If you don’t you are mean.
Help the environment save the town.
If not the earth will fall down.

Please help us keep the animals alive.
If not they will die.
Adopt a polar for just £1.00 a month
So they can at least have some lunch.
Help the enviroment save the town.
If not the earth will fall down.

Please help us get a better co2.
Save trees that what we do.
We help you breathe day and night so you can not die.
And I can guarentee it’s for eyes.
Help the enviroment save the town
If not the world will fall down.

Listen to me now this a warning.
Please help stop Global Warming.
Global Warming is no joke.
So take it seriously and don’t provoke.
Help the enviroment save the town.
If not the earth will fall down.


Making Plans

In Maths this week Y5 have been making plans of Calthorpe Haven so that they can plot where they are going to bury their time capsule. We have had to read and plot co-ordinates, measure the site and make estimations.


Excavating the Bearwood Site

This week Y5 have become archeaologists. They have excavated artefacts, bagged them, labelled them, scrutinised them, drawn them and plotted on a plan where they found them. Take a look at the photographs to find out what they unearthed. We are going to bury our own artefacts of the future in our time capsule. What should we put in our time capsule?


Rapping Poet

We had a visit today from Matt Windle who is a rapping poet. Matt asked if the children found poetry boring? He then perfomed his poem. Matt made sure year 5 had a fabulous morning finding rhyming words, writing poems and performing to the class. One group was chosen to go to the final on Friday, to perform and compete against other groups from different classes. Well done Aces, for getting through to Friday’s final.