Michael Morpurgo- what is his style?

We have been analysing Michael Morpurgo stories to investigate what techniques he uses to make his books so appealing to read. What features have you found? Are there any common themes in his books?

Read an interview with Michael Morpurgo here:

19 thoughts on “Michael Morpurgo- what is his style?

  1. Michael Morpurgo is an amazing writer he has a effective way of using suspense. He ads loads of detail and description into his writing. You’re correct Jai he also hooks the reader in and makes them want to read more.

  2. What are Michael Morpurgo’s stories like? I’m from the United States and I have never heard of him before. Could you tell me what his stories are all about?

  3. micheal mourpurgo is an incrediable writer.you should read some off his book. HE was born in 5th october1943.He has three children.And he is married to to a bautifull wommen called clair.

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