Our trip to the Think Tank

On Thursday 7th July y5 went to Think Tank Science Museum. Firstly we walked into the museum it looked huge. Level 0 was where we could hang our coats and jackets also we could leave our lunch so we didn’t have to carry it around. After that we climbed the stairs to get to level 3 there were 1000s of steps(well it felt like it when we reached the top). This level was about the future. We saw dinosaurs and much more. The dinosaurs looked like they were alive and they were eating other dinosaurs. But the dinosaurs are not real but they looked very realistic. Then we had a go at digging up fossils. When we were on level 2 we looked at the City Street. We found it quiet fun. Also we played on the digging machine we had to dig the balls.Then we went to level 1 to look at the past. We learnt that Ladies used to make the nib of pencils. Men used to do harder jobs.Children had to go to work starting from the age of 4 they use to work in factorys, the belts on the machines used to strangle some children if they got caught in them. Also they would have cuts on their hands and on the heads.