Our amazing vistior! By Paige

Today we had a vistor from Uganda come in to teach us about Uganda, he is a director for New Rock Foundation Primary School in Kapala. He said that kids go to school at 7:00am – 4,5,6pm (it depends on their year group), also he said that kids wake up early to collect water from neally 2 miles and back. He only comes to England every 4 yrs for 4 weeks. We are very lucky he could come in and teach us about Uganda and there religion, did you know if you are Christan you have to go to church every Sunday otherwise you will get punished by your teacher. In Uganda they use shillings which is a coin, we use to use them in England years ago but know we use pounds and pences. He aslo said that if you didn`t respect your teacher then you will be punished you could either stand in a corner for an 1 hour holding your hands in the air, or you could either go to a room were you would stay for a whole day locked inside a room with only 1 window. We also looked at Miss Daniel when she went to Uganda to go and teach other children. Crime over in Uganda is about the same over here. To finsh off the day we took some photographs of us all so they can see us all over in England at Bearwood Primary School.



6 thoughts on “Our amazing vistior! By Paige

  1. Wow, it sounds like a really interesting day!

    Uganda is a really amazing country – I spent a little bit of time teaching there a few years ago. It is really beautiful and the children there are really desperate to learn. I really hope I can go back some day!

    Like your visitor said, the children at the school I taught at also had to go to fetch water before the school day, but thankfully my friend and I raised enough money to pay for water to be piped to the school, so they no longer have such a long walk!

    I’m sure the children there will really love seeing pictures from your school in England!

  2. Hi Paige
    What a great post! You were very lucky to get such an interesting visitor and to learn what big differences there are between schools in the UK and those in Uganda. I bet you learned that there are lots of things which you have in common with children in Uganda too.
    Ms Breyley, Burravoe School, Shetland

  3. I was shocked when i saw the pictures of uganda’s school. Over in uganda they had only 3 computers in the whole school and thhey were’nt aloud to use the interent at the same time.

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