Writing inspired by The Piano, by Daniel

The Battlefield Coen.
14th June 2014.

Dear Edna and Little Maxie,

My love, I am writing to you to say sorry that I’ve never been a good husband and father. But how are you? How are things in Britain? What about Max?
Is he ok? You know what? I just haven’t been around so I have my mouth full of questions… And it is with regret that in the war, my brother has gone to a better place… But the problem is… It’s all my fault!

You see, what happened was I ran to shelter and my brother was there. But what happens now felt like it happened it a second. I signalled him. I was removing the ring to keep it safe instead of watching for gun fire. He got shot. I verbally screamed until the fallen bullets started covering their ears. By the time I picked him up his pulse was stopping. When I took the wrong thing from my first aid kit his pulse stopped. It was too late. But it was funny because I picked up a tiny plaster!

Moving on, the horses we ride here remind me of a present from childhood.

From, your loving husband/father, Tom.