Our day at school

Hello everyone,

Today we started off the day by playing some TT rockstars before heading to assembly. After breaktime, we designed our own escape rooms and came up with some puzzles for our classmates to solve. Later, we started making our mountain models.  We are ending the school day by doing some reading plus and playing with our mountain top trumps cards that we have made!

Sumaya, Sheraz and the rest of year 5!

Edgmond week at school

What we did at Calthorpe Haven 


We played some team work games using hula hoops and skipping ropes.


  • We did the game where you and a partner hold one end of a skipping rope, one partner has to close their eyes and the other has to lead them.
  •    For the hula hoop game we did some practice for a race. We held hands in a circle and had to pass the hoop without breaking the circle.  Then we saw who could pass the hula hoop the fastest. After Mrs Pye added one more hoop to our circle and we had to pass two around.

What we did after?


We went back to school. Mrs pye split the class into two groups. One half made mountain models and the other half completed clues to complete an escape room game.