Ugandan people come to visit. By Udeshpal

Today we had a visit from someone called Pasta Dao.He came all the way from Uganda in Africa. There was also another teacher with him who was also from Uganda as well. It was fantastic! We learnt about the schools that there are in Uganda and we did a carousel of activities. We were in 3 groups. One group was with Pasta Dao, asking him lots of questions. Another group was with Miss daniels and the other group was with the other teacher. Both of these groups got to see lots of photos from the school in Uganda and to ask questions. When we finished those activities then we went to the next group. When we finished doing the activities the visitors had to go so we gave them a round of applause and said thank you. But before they went we asked some questions and we did a prayer because the people in Uganda are very religious so we did a prayer and they left. Today was a phenominal day. Also Pasta Dao told us that he was friends with the presedint of Uganda. Today was brilliant. I hope that they come again sometime…..

4 thoughts on “Ugandan people come to visit. By Udeshpal

  1. I was really shocked when pasta dao said he was friends with the ugandan president. That must be cool 😎 😎

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