Letters from Michael by Zoe and Valerie

In story time in year5 we have been reading the book called Kensukes’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

We have just reached a really tense part of the story. Michael is stranded on a desert island after he got seperated from his Mum and Dad during the night. He is feeling helpless and desperate for food. He is shocked when he wakes up and sees his dog on top of the cave he was sleeping in. Shocked, he went up to the dog and saw he was drinking water from a battered tin bowl. When he went on top of the cave there was a also food for him! He is elated to have found some food but at the same time he feels fearful- who is leaving this food? Should he feel anxious? terrified? Should he fear for his life?

Finally he decides to leave a note for the mystery inhabitant. What do you think he writes in this letter?

Which songs shall we learn? By: Aaliya and Aarondeep

Last year 5M and 5D learnt some pop songs with Mr. Singh our singing teacher. We learnt Rule the world by Take That, Let the sun shine by Labyrinth and Will you be there by Michael Jackson. In year 5 we are going to learn some more pop songs because we really enjoyed learning them in year 4. We can’t wait to start learning lots of more different songs in year 5.Mrs Devaney and Miss Daniels have let us choose different songs that we would like to learn. Would you like to tell us some songs that you think we should learn? So far Jai had a brilliant suggestion to learn ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse and we love this choice!