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Jai’s interpretation of Kensuke’s Kingdom

Over the last 4 weeks we have been studying Michael Murpurgo as an author and the books he has produced.
We have written our own stories based on Michael Murpurgo’s distinctive features.
Here are a few that we have written.

Have you ever been marooned on a sizzling, ancient desert island. Well I have and let me tell you how it all started.

It was a usual Saturday a rainy, damp day; I was watching the lottery on BBC ONE. Here comes the first ball… “WOOH! Its number 5 one of our numbers”. It was fantastic night as I actually won the lottery I won 1 million dollars in one go!

Suddenly, my phone rang, I rushed to pick it up it was my boss and he said: I have been promoted to a vice boss in the brickworks. That was a fantastic thing however, we had to move to a different country and the country was Australia o the other side of the world. I knew Australia was gigantic, absorbing and the people are ecstatic, amusing. They are never cantankerous or tempestuous.

After a couple of strenuous, challenging day’s today was the day when me, Michael and my wife (Jenny) were going abroad for the first time ever and we are going to travel to Australia. We are going to stay in a rented accommodation, which my family were not very satisfied about but we had no choice. It took a laborious journey to get to the American airport; it took 2 and half hours to get there.

As I approached the colossal, white boat which was as wide as a floating hotel. I knew I would feel home sick although I was with my whole family including my cute dog Waffle Artois. Despite, me and my family looking forward to going on holiday I felt homesick already and we were only just getting on to the exquisite, mountainous boat. As soon as we got on the boat the boat set sail I pushed my face against the window and looked outside where my Gran was there to wave us off. The boat moved swiftly along the crystal clear, bright, blue water. Inside the kaleidoscopic boat my mom and dad were relaxing on the sofa.

The next day the wind was so fast the captain of the boat (Michael) could not control the vast boat because of the wind. Suddenly, a sturdy, wind which was as fast as lightning. It was so brawny all of a sudden the boat SPLIT! “Help Dad” yelped Michael. But it was too late I had fallen out of the kaleidoscopic boat and before I knew it I was drifting away from my family. I gave my all to swim rapidly towards my family but it was no use however hard I tried the water kept pushing me back. I could hear my dear family screaming.

About 3 hours later I arrived on a sizeable island. I looked around me I was stranded on a massive desert island. Disorientated, Shocked, Worried. I yelped for help once then twice and then three times but it was absolutely no use. Eventually, I saw a colossal part of a boat, was that ours. Yes! It was, I called for help. Finally, the boat saw me and managed to float all the way to me also guess who it was my family. How remarkable is that and that’s what happened to me!

Rugby World Cup 2011- data handling

Next week we will be analysing some rugby World Cup data.

What questions do you have about the rugby world cup that you could explore?

E.g. ‘What is the average age of the England rugby team?’
‘Which continent has the most teams in the World Cup?’
‘What is the average rugby players salary?’

Post some questions that you might want to explore here.