Writer’s Workshop – 21st May 2010

Thank you…

In tomorrow’s Writer’s Workshop, you’ll be writing a letter as Matthew, to the fireman that saved him from the burning warehouse.

You need to write with emotion, thanking him for being heroic and saving you, explaining your actions and what you have learnt from the whole experience.

We’ll be looking for:

Evidence that you have achieved your targets from last week’s Writer’s Workshop.

Various ways of opening sentences, such as ing ly

Use of Power Punctuation—! ? and …

Mr Murphy and Miss de Kanter have really enjoyed reading your writing this term and are looking forward to another fantastic piece tomorrow!

Tell me, where can you see SOAP in this poem…

Bush Fire by Jackie Kay

That fire, they said, was as red as red as red
red as a fox, your lips, a cherry
That fire, they said spread and spread and spread
Faster, than a cheetah or a nasty rumour

That fire, they said, was hot, so hot, so hot
Hotter than lava or an African summer.
That fire, they said, was angry, very angry.
For three roaring days, it danced wildly, wildly, wildly.

Wild as flamenco, strip the willow, a Highland fling.
That fire, they said, had a big bad mouth
Swearing, spluttering: Bring it on! Bring it on!
That fire, they said, wolfed down the lot –
The lovely little homes, the trees, the land
That fire, they said, left nothing behind at all
One blackened trail, one sad scorched story.

New Job – Features Editor – The Word on the Street Magazine

14th May 2010
Dear Year 5 Pupil,


You have been appointed as Features Editor for a local magazine aimed at children aged between 7-11. You are responsible for all of the special feature articles that your magazine publishes.

Your first task is to write an article persuading young people not to make hoax phone calls to the Fire Brigade.

You will need to include:
Persuausive vocabulary
Clafs & Power Punctuation ( ! ? …)
Rhetorical questions
Headline and sub headings
Special writing features, such as ‘ing ly’, 2a sentences, and WOW words
Any useful facts or figures about hoax calls that you know

You can search the web for any information you feel you will need. I have placed some useful information on the school blog: www.year5atbearwood.wordpress.com

You may want to also leave some comments about your ideas.

Thanks, and once again, congratulations on your new job!

The Word on the Street Magazine

Information regarding Hoax Calls

Hoax calls appeal
Crew Manager Janet MillsHoax calls can cost lives! Help us catch the culprits by listening to the sound clips below to see if you recognise who might be behind the malicious calls.

Janet Mills (pictured) is a Crew Manager in our 999 Control Centre based at our Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Headquarters in Swinton. Janet and her colleagues have to deal with hoax calls everyday and are aware of how potentially dangerous they can be as they tie up our fire engines when they could be going to real emergencies.

Hoax calls to the emergency services are against the law. In Greater Manchester we record and trace all calls and they can be used as evidence. With the help of Janet we will be updating this page each month with different sound clips of real hoax call offenders who have not yet been caught.

Remember…The maximum penalty for hoax calls offences is imprisonment for up to six months and a fine of £5,000.