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  1. On the first game get me home, i like how the game uses the arrows on the keypad and to get home youin the have to enter the circle. I also like that is you hit the green post you have to start from the begging. My freind Shanade had to start again loads of times and i didnt start again, but i didnt. I enjoyed the game.

  2. We think your games are really cool! We can’t wait until we are in Year 5 and get to make games too!

    We will play these over Christmas.

    Thank you

    3P children

  3. I’m green because I undertsand how to debug, make games. When I started I played other people’s game then I started to make a game and I got the hang of it.

  4. I am a green in scratch because I have a working game on the blog. I have learnt what is scratch and how to make people move. I also learnt how to debug and make people go back to the start when the touch the wall.

  5. I’m green because I like how my game stands out and nothing is wrong with it . When I first started scratch I started to struggle but then I catched up.

  6. Mission to Mars

    We made scratch games set on the moon the games were awesome. We learned about loads of words algorithms, programming, debugging, scripts, coding and backdrops. We learnt about the moon and How long the earth takes to spin around. On BBC news a girl who was 14 started to train to be the first one to walk on Mars in 19 year time. A comet landed on the moon and the drill broke so it couldn’t dig down. We made posters about ESA or NASA and got information to put on our poster.

  7. It took a lot of time to make a game on scratch. If I had to choose green, orange or red on the scratch game I am orange because I needed a lot of help from my mates. The difficult part was to make your character to move, look the character does what you tell it. The easiest part was to choose you character and the background. My game is a maze it is pretty cool. I really liked making it also hope you like my game.:-)

  8. I liked my game because the monkey moves at a good speed. I don’t like it because the score doesn’t work properly. I think everyone did a good job on their games even 5b. Well done guys.

  9. I liked my game because the monkey moves at a good speed. I don’t like it because the score doesn’t work properly. I think everyone did a good job on their games even 5b. Well done guys.

  10. I am green Because I have learnt how to debug and about algorithms and now I have made a game by coding all by myself. It’s a very tricky game though. That is why I am green.

  11. I have learnt how to make a maze game because I had support by a friend. But I created the sprite by my self and I hope u like my game
    and thanks for playing

  12. I am a green because I understand how to make a game on scratch. I am confident
    to help somebody and make a game for them. I like my game because it has no
    glitches and it is fine to play with. I know how to debug and put sound for the game.

  13. This is my review on my game. When I made my game I was orange because I didn’t really know how to make a game. Later I got it by my friend he helped me make a maze game he done a bit of it. Then I got it. It was easy and now my game is completed I am really happy but I haven’t uploaded it to the blog. The easiest part was decorating the game it was fun. The hard part was doing the coding that was really difficult. Other then that I enjoyed making the game!!!!

  14. Hi my name is Zane and I would like to talk about my game. My game is about a cat going through a maze and a rocket Avalanche. What I found hard was the Avalanche part. What I found hard about is when the rockets come down. I liked it because we got to do loads of coding. We learned new words like algorithm, interface and debug. These lessons were really fun.

  15. hey i love all these games,i’m in the same class and the flapy bird game i just played was incrediblexxx,ROCHANTE.

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