Having A Fun Day By Go Karting Written By Mohsin Khan

How to have a fun day

1. First book the tickets, so you actually get a place for the Go Karting.

2. Tell the manager of the Go Karting business to note the date, so you don’t go on the wrong date.

3. Make sure the invites, have details of when and where and a map of how to get there is enclosed.

4. Don’t forget, to arrive promptly.

5. When you get there, you have to sign the register.

6. Give the tickets to the manager and they should let you in the Go Karting arena.

7. Put your helmet on, then put your seatbelt on because its always safety first.

8. Get ready, Set, Go!!!!

9. Now you can race with your friends across the track and have fun.

10. Afterwards take the winner to Nando’s !!!

Top Tip

Todays top tip is to drive CAREFULLY and CAUTIOUSLY. Remember to play fair and NO BUMPING !