Kensuke’s Kingdom, What a book!! Goal Scorers

Dear diary,

Today I am going to Fareham. To see some surprise, well, that’s what dad says. Finally, we got out of the train, dad was there, bright eyed and filled with laughter. He took us where we had to go. I was confused because all we could see was sparkling, glistening, and fresh water. But then dad shouted, “-Meet my new friend Peggy Sue.” Then I looked at mom she was confused just like me. After dad explained to me and mom we weren’t confused anymore. WE WERE GOING AROUND THE WORLD! I was really excited because we might have been the first family to go around the world in our area and just think we will see all the countries. Everyone was excited. This was a lifetime opportunity. So I had to go. This is going to be a challenging adventure!  

See you later,  Aniq


I think Kensuke’s Kingdom would have a,

Sky which shimmers golden like a medal,

Water which sparkles like stars in the night sky.

Trees which are greener than any other green tree,

Sand which is as white as snow.

Monica  Y5


“Where am I?” He said to himself as he slowly opened his eyes. Silence was the only thing I could hear. Anxiously, the man stood up, he crept across the room to reach the ominous looking handle. The cold air grabbed his skin like a ghost in the dark. Finally, he could feel the handle, he opened the door and a vivid light flashed in the hallway. He could now properly see his room it was damaged, damp and dusty, like a bone in a dead body.

Frantically, he crept across the hallway “ Warning, danger, do not enter.” Said the signs that were splattered across the deep, black walls. What would you think to yourself if you were in this problematic journey? “ GO DO IT.” Begged a voice in his head! “ Go now it is your only chance.”

He turned around sprinting he could almost reach the door. BANG! He  was dead…



My holiday at Ipswich by Shawon

My best day  during the summer holidays was my cousin brother’s wedding day. We waited all summer for this day. My family and I went to Ipswich in Suffolk to celebrate his wedding. Although the wedding was my best day the other events leading up to it were just as exciting. The whole family got together from Birmingham, Huddersfield, London, St. Albans and other cities. The house was filled with guests and hand made decorations and singing and dancing. The night before the wedding was the Mendhi party where the groom got his hands decorated and the sisters decorated each other’s hand. The sisters made fruit boquets, fruit arrangements, sweets and there was a lot of cake. That was not the end of it, that night they decorated the house for the wedding with ribbons and lights with different coloured cloths. For the wedding platter they made chicken wings, rice and they decorated the fruit and vegetable. Everyone got ready wearing their colourful new outfits for the wedding. We went on a coach for the wedding because the wedding event was in London.  At the entrance the groom cut the ribbon and then everyone started spraying silly string and started popping party poppers.

As we got in the hall they had the stage decorated and it was really colourful. The men were in one room and the women were in the other, we had some food and we took some pictures with the groom and we then walked the groom to the bride. We also took pictures with the bride and groom with the whole family. We went back to Ipswich in a coach while the bride and groom with some of the grooms relatives went in a limousine.

When we got back to Ipswich there was a decorated gate in front of the groom’s house and we started to pop party poppers and sprayed silly strings. As we got in the house we started to take photos with the bride and groom, and we gave gifts. They started to cut the wedding cake and we fed the cake to the bride and groom. Although the day flied past we have photos to remember the great day.