Cool car fact.

imageThe idea of a car driving upside down might seem preposterous, the kind of stunt seen in dumb action movies. However, science has assured us that it is indeed possible for a car to drive on the ceiling.Race cars, specifically those used for Formula One racing, are designed with inverted wings. They work in the opposite fashion to aircraft wings—instead of generating lift, they generate downforce, which pushes the car down against the ground. While this might seem counterproductive in relation to achieving high speeds, the downforce has a practical use: It allows F1 cars to take corners at a velocity that would otherwise send them flying off the road. All an F1 car would need to do to drive upside down is to generate a downforce equal to or greater than its own weight.

The Breeds Of Talented dogs

The worlds fastest dog breed is a Greyhound. It is the only dog breed that can race in public. They are really expensive and need to stay healthy.


The most vicious dog is a Pit bull. It is also illegal in England.

 The worlds smartest dog breed is a Labrador. It can learn really fast.

The Ten Fastest Road Worthy Cars

There are a lot of fast cars out there, but some are much, much faster than others. If you’re interested in driving something that goes faster than you could ever imagine, then one of the top 10 below might be for you. These are cars that are made to go extremely fast on the road because they are made with the toughest engines. They are expensive, so make sure you have deep pockets if you’re interested in purchasing one of these.

10.Pagani Huayra


This is a futuristic looking car that has 720 horsepower and 738 lb/ft of torque. It can reach 230 horsepower and will go from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat. This car also has a seven speed auto-manual transmission that produces a quick and smooth ride. It’s even named after the god of wind, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants a spiritual reason to spend a huge amount of money. It is quite expensive, as the base price is $1,273,500.

9.Zenvo STI

. Zenvo ST1


The base price of this is $1.25 million dollars and it’s Danish made. It can reach 233 miles per hour and has the ability to go from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds on the road. The strong engine has 1,104 horsepower, so it’s strong and extremely powerful. There are only 15 of these that have been made, and the company even promises to send out a special engineer if it breaks down.

8.Maclaren F1

McLaren F1

The design of this car is what a lot of people really like, especially since the doors are reminiscent of bat wings. It can reach 240 miles per hour and can go from 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds flat. The base price of this is $970,000 and it has a V12 engine with 627 horsepower.

7.Koenigsegg CCX



Information about Space


Scientists predict that the universe’s origins came from the big bang, an inconceivably immense explosion of energy. Details of the big bang are obscured by billions of years of cosmic history. But high-tech orbiting telescopes are lifting the veil on our universe’s formative years.

Humans have studied Nebulae for centuries. But space-based and infrared telescopes that can cut through dust are casting these cosmic cloud formations in whole new light.

Aryan Sharma                                    Photo: Composite of spiral-shaped Messier 81 galaxy

A descriptive paragraph

Despondency and oppression flustered Jack Ryan, an adolescent of many unparalleled talents, with great grief, misery and despair. He tried to suppress the adrenaline that surged through his body like a ruthless tempest, and quell a spasm of nervousness and agitation. Quarrelsome and loathsome storm clouds, which motionlessly floated in the vague grey, dismal sky, billowed and threatened to drizzle. Silhouettes of what seemed to be twisted branches ominously pointed in vindictive pleasure, like skinny fingers. Depression strengthened. Jack’s every nerve tingled with premonition of imminent and inevitable peril.

Aryan Sharma.

How to save somone’s life

In class we learnt what DR ABC stands for “D” stands for dangerous. we have to check whether it is safe to go and help  for instance someone who just got ran over, you would have to check if it was save to cross the road. ” R” is for response you have to talk to them to see if they are conscious or not conscious. ” A” is for airway to see if they are still getting air. “B” is for breathing to check if you are breathing. We also learnt how to save someone’s life if they were chocking.  So say if you were sitting at a table in KFC, and the person who was sitting on a table opposite you was chocking on a object. first you would say “are you chocking?” if the person nodded, you wold have to give them to five back blows, if that does not work  then give them up to five adominal thrusts I that is no good then call the ambulance in case you don’t know the number it  is 999.


by Aleena Akhtar


10 Weird and Wonderful Hybrid Animals


Would you ever imagine two animals being mixed together to make a new animal with properties like the other two animals, seems impossible right?Wrong!Scientists have cracked it they have merged a whole bunch of animals in this post  I will show you 10 of these weird and wonderful animals.








Bottle-Nosed Dolphin+False Killer Whale=Wholphin





Domestic Cattle+American Bison



Golden Pheasant+Amherst Pheasant=Hybrid Pheasant

amherset pheaseant


Domestic Cat+African Serval Cat=Savanh Cat

savanah cat


Yak+Domestic Cattle=Dzo






Midas Cichlid + Redhead Cichlid or Severum + Red Devil cichlid=Blood Parrotblood parrot

Baby Bengal Tiger+Short-Haired Tabby Cat=Toyger


So that’s it. I have finished the post, but remember these are only 10 of hundreds of hybrid animals in the world.

Also remember that I wouldn’t be writing this if I had too much spare time. Until my next post, good-bye.






10 Interesting Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaurs are awesome. They were massive reptiles,what would wipe us out in minutes if they weren’t extinct. Just because I think they are awesome, I decided to post ten awesome dinosaur facts.

Dinosaur Fact #1: What is a Dinosaur? When scientists talk of dinosaurs, they mean a special kind of creature that lived on land during the Triassic, Jurassic, or Cretaceous period. But a lot of people say “dinosaur” when they mean any prehistoric creature, such as sea creatures or pteradactyls.

Dinosaur Facts #2: What are the Ages of Dinosaurs? They are Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Dinosaur Fact #3: The Smartest Dinosaur was … The Troodon! Scientists measure smartness by figuring out how big an animal compared to its body. This is called “encephalization quotient.” Troodon wins! Even so, they think he was only about as smart as a modern possum.

Dinosaur Fact #4: The Dumbest Dinosaur was … The stegosaurus! It had a brain as big as a walnut in a body weighing nearly two tons! “Dumb” isn’t a nice word, even if it is a dinosaur fact. Let’s just call Stegosaurus “less smart than a Troodon”!
Dinosaur Fact #5: The Fastest Dinosaur was … Coelophysis and other Ornithomimosaurs. Scientists think these dinosaurs ran up to 30 miles per hour for short distances!
Dinosaur Facts #6: The Biggest Dinosaurs were: Saurpods. Seismosaurus was 165 feet long (it’s tail helped!). Arentinosaurus was the heaviest at 100 tons. The Brachiosaurus was 39 feet high (which helped it reach branches in trees). Giganotosaurus was the largest hunting dinosaur, at 46 feet long and up to 8 tons!
Dinosaurs Fact #7: The Smallest Dinosaur was the Saltopus. It was only 3 feet long, and weighed about five pounds.
Dinosaurs Fact #8: What Killed the Dinosaurs (Dinosaurs Cause for Extinction): No one really knows! Scientists have several theories but heres three:
Meteor hits the earth!

Lots of volcanic eruptions!

Climate Changes (over a long period of time)

The omnivorous dinosaurs farted themselves into extinction!

Dinosaur Facts #9: Are Dinosaurs Reptiles or Birds? Scientists now believe that dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded like birds, and not cold-blooded like reptiles. Scientists also believe that today’s birds are actually dinosaurs, and that birds are reptiles?!
Dinosaur Fact #10: Dinosaurs Lived on Land! Many prehistoric sea creatures lived at the same time as dinosaurs. However, they were not dinosaurs! Kronosaurus was the largest of all the sea reptiles. It grew to be almost 42 feet long