Our Y5 experiences this term by Danae and Anouska

 In y5 we have been extremly busy! In literacy we have done lots of work on poetry. We have recently written some poems making sure we have included the wilf:

.SOAP (Similies,Onamatapieo,Alitteration and Personification -which means giving an object a human quality.




and if we included those wilf instructions it is going in 5M’s Anthology.








Jaiden’s goal scorer!

There it was in front of me the ugly, drooling beast. Its rotten, scaly hand shot out towards me. Doomed. I thought I was dead. But I was too far so it stepped out of the shadows and ran towards me. So I ran, its revolting hands striking at me like bolts of lightning. I was terrified. As I was running I noticed a door at the right of the tunnel. So I ran towards the door and opened and… bang!!! I slammed the door! The thing was banging on the door. I locked the door and barricaded it. I rapidly searched for weapons or food. I found a gun and a knife but there was no bullets in the gun but the knife was fine. I carried on looking. All I found was junk but then I found a scabbard for a big dagger. The dagger was in it so I clipped the scabbard on my trousers. I looked up and saw a trap door. The beast was smashing the door so…


I left Mr M on a cliffhanger! It’s up to you to make up your own ending!!