Suprise Visitor From Uganda!!! By:Aaliya

Today was really fun beacuse a head teacher from Uganda came to visit Year 5 and he told us all about the schools there and how they live. The school that he worked in was called the ‘Rock Foundation School’. He told us that they had been collecting money to fix their school and to make improvements,and now it looks fantastic. But somthing that I couldnt belive was that they only had one laptop in the computer room! I mean one computer in the whole school! Also all they could do was send emails to another school that they were in contact with. But overall I think the suprise visit from them was absoloutly fantastic and I am so pleased they came to visit. What did you think of their visit? Did you enjoy it and what parts of it did you enjoy?
I now realise how lucky we are to have the equipment and computers that we have at schools in England.

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