Fire rap

Fire rap by Eloise, Priya and Ace.


What’s the harm with a smoke alarm?

Gonna protect you like a lucky charm,

Bros and sis, remember this,

That little ( beep ) can protect the kids.


Never put gadgets on your bed,

If they catch fire, they’ll get to your head,

Don’t play with matches or with fire,

This safety message will never expire!


Call 999 or 112,

Not 911 it’ll cost you,

Don’t make a hoax, don’t make that call,

If you do someone will fall!

(Repeat chorus.)

Fire Safety Poem!!

Smoke can really make you choke,

FlamesĀ are really not good games,

Close the door, get on the floor,

Do not make a hoax call for it will make you a fool,

Learn a plan, don’t be hasty,

otherwise their will be no safety,

if you call that their is a fire, but you are a big fat liar,

the fire fighters think that there’s lighters.

By Aleena Akhtar.

5M First Aiders

The children in 5M have been presented with their Young First Aiders certificates from St John’s Ambulance. They were trained in how to put someone in the recovery position, how to assist someone who was choking and how to help someone who was suffering from an asthma attack.

Thanks to Hardy, the trainer, from St John’s for helping us to pass!