St John’s Ambulance First Aid Training

Today, we have been really lucky to have two St John’s Ambulance trainers come to school to give us training in first aid.


Have a go at answering these questions –

What does DR ABC stands for?

Describe how to put someone in the recovery position.


Describe what’s happening in this picture? Describe what you would do.

Where must someone who has had an abdominal thrust go? Who would you not do an abdominal thrust on?

Which colour inhaler would someone who is having an asthma attack need?

Accelerated Readers!

Accelerated reading is a competition that you do in Y5 and Y6. You read books that are in your reading level and each book is worth points, and the more points you earn the better prizes you get and when you finish your book you do a test based on the book you’ve finished. If you get all the answers right and you get 100% you get the full amount of points the book is worth and a prize from the school prize box. And once you’ve done the test you get a new book and you finish the book you do another test and so on. This is the amount of points you need to get a prize each time: 10 points book mark, 50 points book, 100 points book voucher and then 500 points your very one E reader!

Dance Club by Eeshah

I am really enjoying dance club. We are learning lots of cool new routines! Mrs Sibley is a great dance teacher. I wish I could dance like her! I can do street dancing. Amara was chosen for the main role as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. She’s ace at dancing!