Police officers arrival

Unfortunately, the police officers couldn’t come because they had to deal with a robbery on the high street, so instead, in our Thinking Books we came up with some questions to ask the police officers so when they come in, we will know what to say. Here are some of the questions we want to ask:

1.What is your most scary,dangerous and life threatening mission?
2.What equipment do you carry?
3.Were you in the riots?
4.Do you get any hoax calls?
5.What inspired you to be a police officer?

What do you think there responses might be?

By Martell and Nabeel.

My email from Matthew. By Aaminah

Hi Aaminah it’s Matthew

I have to be honest with you; I’m going to tell you about my feelings at school. I’m being bullied and I need some advice. Every ones bullying me because I’m the tallest in the class, they always call me turnip because of my name Turner. I feel trapped like a caged animal. I’m lonely, abandoned all by myself.

I haven’t told anyone this but I started a fire in this place where the bullies took me. I’m so disappointed in myself, they just left me there. I felt scared when the ghostly flames surrounded me. How could they do this to me? I just wanted to have a friend in my own school, I feel so guilty for starting that fire even if I wanted a friend I still could have hurt myself.

I believe like I’m unwanted, broken. There’s nothing left of me, I’ve got nobody to talk to, I’m all alone in the dark.

I might not talk to you for a while

From Matthew

My email from Mathew. By Aniq

Dear Robin Van Persie,

Hi Robin what’s up? I’m feeling very upset, because I’m getting bullied. Can you give me some advice please? I haven’t told anyone but you, tell me how to stand up to them. They call me turnip and tallest, I hate it. There are about five or six kids. They irritate me so much I wagged school. I feel like a dirty strawberry being left out and not ate. I feel like dust getting pulled away from everyone. I’m wrecked inside. I’m trapped. I feel like a piece of paper ripped up and glued in a bin. I might be running away so can I have your address.

Bye from whatever’s left of me, Mathew Turner.