Year 5 ‘s visit from the firefighters. By simran

Today 5m and 5d had some very special guests come to our school. They were fire figters. they taught us some very inportant things like how you should have lots of smoke alarms in you house so you know if there is a fire in the day or the middle of the night and how to keep safe if there really is a fire. They also told us about 999 calls and when to call 999, they told us about fire hazards and we looked at a picture and we had to be fire detectives and spot all the fire hazards and where you should keep a smoke alarm.
There was 4 diffrent officers and we had to rotate aroun so we could have a chat with each one and they also told us the diffren things.
And that was our day and everyone enjoyed it!

We had to rotate around the class to each   firefighter, they all talked about different scenarios.

Take a look at our pictures from today.


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