Simran and Jujhaar’s newspaper reports

We wrote these reports durng Writer’s Workshop. Please feedback and let us know which features you like and what we could do to improve.

We have put both of the reports on to one page. Please read them both and comment.

Don’t forget you can include an audio comment or a written comment on the voicethread site.

18 thoughts on “Simran and Jujhaar’s newspaper reports

  1. Hi everyone, these newspaper reports are absoloutly amazing it has inspired me to want to write my own blog post. I was wondering Mrs Devaney can I write a blog post about what we’ve been doing this week in Literacy, Numeracy or Topic please?

  2. Those are both amazing newspaper reports i especially like the bit in Jujhaars report when it says.A squrill chewed on a wire. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks everyone for letting me know what you think about my newpaper report (and this is my first time i am a goalscorer) WOW

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