Dividing is the same as repeated subtraction

To divide 96 by 6:                                                                            

                              6 |   96

                                   – 60         10  x  6                 10+6= 16


                                   – 36          6   x  6

 Answer   =     16

 We know that 10 x 6 = 60 so

we subtract this from 96.  This leaves 36.

 We know 6 x 6= 36

so we can subtract this too.

 All together we have subtracted 6 a total of 16 times.

This is the same as saying

 96 ÷   6 = 16



The adventures of Lucy by Maveish


Lucy, who was 22, was shopping one day for some new clothes and shoes. As she went into Primark she spotted some gold high heels. She sat down and tried them on.  She thought they matched her dress that she had bought from New Look so bought the heels. She started looking for some other shoes on the top floor. On her way up to the escalators she slipped and cut her arm.


What should she do?


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Alyan’s fantastic homework


This is another type of emergency service called traffic officer the people who work there they deal with breakdown or accident and gets lost on the motorway. Officers work with all emergency services. [Except for coast guard]To deal with whatever the situation is. All of them work together every day, especially when there  is a big accident on the motorway.

Kyle’s weekly sports update

News about Arsenal 

Arsenal wins to Leeds united. Henry scored the only goal.  Arsenal are doing  well  in the league  and I think Man City are going to win the league  but if Arsenal are lucky they might steal it from them.



Transfers rumours.

Newcastle might buy Defoe from spurs. He costs £ 14 million.

Man United are going to buy Tiote Arsenal Loan Henry from NY red bulls for 2 months.

Liverpool might be getting David Villa but I think he might not go and leave Barcelona.

 Ac  Milan have put a bid for Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

Chelsea also put in a bid for Kaka.

Man city put in a bid for robin Van Persie. He said he won’t go because he is Arsenals captain and he is the best player in the premier league.

Best news this week…

Newcastle beat QPR 1-0.

I couldn’t believe it!


Dear Miss Turner, By Aaliya

Please give me feedback on my writing.

Dear Miss Turner,
I am writing to you because I am extremely concerned about Matthews’s behaviour. Let me tell you all about it.
First I would like to tell you about his progress. Usually Matthew is a jolly, enthusiastic boy but now he is lazy sleepy and many more things. Often Matthew is zooming through his work and he was always keen to ask questions, but now he hardly puts any effort into it. Never before have I seen such disgraceful and unacceptable work like Matthew’s!
The next thing I would like to talk about is Matthew’s attendance. Matthews’s attendance has been extremely unacceptable! For the last few weeks Matthew hasn’t been here once except for one day. Miss Turner if you know about this you have to talk to Matthew at once.
Also I have noticed that Matthew isn’t getting on well with children. For example when the children worked together in topic, all Matthew did was sit there in the corner working alone. So please Miss Turner could you come to the school and have a chat with me? If you could that would be fantastic.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Smith
I was a goal scorer because I used words to generalise.

Ishmail- Goalscorer!

Please give me feedback on my writing from last week. What sdo you like? Is there anything I can improve?

Hill view school
3 hill lane
West midlands
B62 3HV

Dear, Miss Turner,
I am writing to you because Matthews’s behavior is decreasing. I am getting worried about this so I will tell you about his behavior.
His behavior is terrible. Matthew, who use to enjoy all his lessons, recently he hasn’t. He rarely answers questions. He is day dreaming nearly every lesson.

Now I am going to tell you about his attendance.
Matthews’s attendance rarely good. Last week he was late all the time plus his attendance is below 10 percent, usually it was 100 percent.

He doesn’t bring his homework early but before he did. His attitude is terrible. I hope you realize how serious this is.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr Khan

Ishmaeel- Goalscorer!

Please give me feedback on my writing from last week. What sdo you like? Is there anything I can improve?

Dear Mrs Turner,

I am extremely intrigued about your son, Matthew.
Matthew, who is normally punctual and always comes to school, recently has been coming very late. Most of the time he doesn’t even bother coming.Because of this, his progress has decreased. Never before has Matthew ever got a level 4.

His behavior is disgraceful. I have noticed that he’s been bumping in to people and ignoring other students from my class.

Matthew, who has generally had a good attitude, now never wants to put his hand up for questions. Usually he takes part in group work but recently he has been lazy and sullen by not taking part and sleeping in my lessons.

I have realized that he doesn’t get along with other members of the class. He is very savage because the other day I saw him kicking someone!
Please write back to me urgently,
Mr Jones

Joshan- Goalscorer!

Please give me feedback on my writing from last week. What do you like? Is there anything I can improve?
Hill view school
3 hill lane
B62 3hv
Dear Mrs Turner,
I am writing to tell you about Matthew’s behavior. He’s not focusing in class and is never answering any questions. His progress is decreasing. Matthew, who was a great pupil, is nearly always late. I think he is just being lazy, is he like this at home? Matthew has a poor attendance record now.

Matthew is also not getting on with other children in the classroom. He’s been ignoring children. He skipped school a few times, did you know that he skipped school?
He’s not doing a good job in class, something needs to be done about it, could you talk to him after school at home? I hope to hear from you soon about this urgent matter.
Your sincerely Mr Munner

David- Formula One expert

Hello my name is David.
I am really into formula 1 so I am going to tell all of you people about the drivers and the teams every week. Some famous drivers are Sebastian Vette,Mark Webber,Lewis Haminton,Jenson Button,Fernando Alonso,Felipe Massa,Nico Rosberg,Michael Schumacher,Adrian Sutil,Paul di n Resta,Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna.
I love Formula One because I like racing on my bike and I pretend I am in a race. I got into fomula one four years ago. I have got the game , on xbox 360 and on wii and pc. Also I support the team called Vodafone mclaren mecades. The team that I really hate is Red bull because the Driver Sebastion Vettel always wins every race and he never gives another driver a chance.Also my brother is into fomula 1 he is twelve yearas old . Next time I am going to tell you about all of the races and the news about sports.