Fire Service Visits Y5!

Here are some pictures taken from todays session with the West Midlands Fire Service.

We worked in groups with the Firemen on scenarios about Road Safety, Hoax Calls, House Fires,  and Prevention of House Fires, we even used fake mobiles to pretend we were the emergency service call centre.

11 thoughts on “Fire Service Visits Y5!

  1. when the firefighters came in it was really fun because we got to all about the fire service and we even used pretend mobile phones to act out a small script!!!!!!! 😮

  2. Yes i agree they were very good and informative
    but they were there for a serious reason.

    Now tell me what message they sent to all the students and adults?

  3. I agree Aaliya fabilouse that the firefighters came.
    And I leart if you see a little fire dont just get a bucket of water because when you come back upstairs theres going to be a bigger fire so thets why you should call 999!!!!!!!:)

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