Y5 have a visit from a Surgeon by Ali & Zoe

Today 5M & 5D had a super special surprise!. A visitor who was Mrs. Devaney’s cousin came to visit but she’s also a surgeon!

Mostly 5M asked her all the questions the most but Mrs. Devaney had some questions too. She told us all the facts about Doctors and she even told us about herself and how she trained. She’s been In University for 5 years can you believe that? It was really fascinating and amusing we asked lots of curiosity questions like:
Do all doctors have te same training?
What causes cancer?
What cures Cancer?
Why don’t doctors get sick all of the time from being close to sick people?
If you drink some poisonous liquids what is the white froth that comes out our mouth?
And what causes a fit?
We learnt that Doctors don’t need to wear a uniform in every hospital they can wear own clothes.
We also learnt it takes 5 hardworking years at university to be a doctor.
What did you learn?

6 thoughts on “Y5 have a visit from a Surgeon by Ali & Zoe

  1. Well I learnt that there isnt just one type of doctor there is lots of differents types of doctors and I cant belive how many thier were it’s AMAZING!!!!!! :);):);) :);););) 🙂 ;););) :p

  2. I really enjoyed when the lady came in. i learnt lots of information it was really fun. Also i couldnt belive that it was mis Devaneys cousin.

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