Shu vs Chimera

Shu vs Chimera


In ancient times, there was a dreadful and dire Pharaoh named Khufu. Every Monday, he forced siblings to be killed by the Chimera. The Chimera was 1/3 lion, 1/3 goat and 1/3 snake and was  an awful creature who lived in The Great Pyramid.


A great man, called Shu, who was fearless and daring decided to kill the Chimera. When he arrived at the pyramid, a servant called Anuf gave Shu a lion necklace that would protect him if he agreed to set him free from Khufu.


In The Great Pyramid, it was unlit, awful and revolting. There were dolls moving by themselves, water dripping from the ceiling and a revolting smell. Not even a second later, the Chimera charged towards Shu but he murdered the Chimera with his lion necklace.


At last, they celebrated and cheered as Shu walked back to the town proudly. They celebrated for almost 5 months.


By Ala in 3J

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