Shu and the Manticore

In the times of great heroes, there was a brutal Pharaoh called Khufu, who, every month sent five innocent old people to be eaten by the vicious Manticore, that lived in the dusty pyramid.

Shu was a fearless warrior who was determined to slay the beast. Outside, the dusty pyramid, was a servant that didn’t like the Pharaoh so he agreed to give Shu a magical staff to slay the beast, if she agreed to make the servant the new Pharaoh.

Inside the pyramid was mysterious, spooky and echoey. Through the dust Shu could see scarab beetles scurrying across the sandy floor, cartouches on the warn out walls and cobwebs dangling from the crumbling ceiling.

A soon as Shu entered the centre of the pyramid, the Manticore dived at Shu, roaring in rage. Shu blasted the beast killing it instantly.

Shu ran out of the pyramid and met the servant. He gave Shu a lot of Pharaoh’s gold and Shu made the servant a new Pharaoh.


Ethan 3M

3 thoughts on “Shu and the Manticore

  1. Wow Ethan, it sounded like a dangerous task for Shu.
    Your description of the inside of the temple was excellent and really painted a picture of what Shu would have experienced.

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