Our Dinosaur Hunt!

Today was a very exciting day. Mrs Berryman burst into the year 3 classrooms with the news she had seen a huge swishing tail when she looked out of the window. She was shaking with fear!

As a class we decided to be detectives and go on a hunt around the school to see if we could find out what was happening. We found large footprints, scratches on the walls, torn papers, dinosaur bones and also some scaly skin. We were terrified but also excited.

After looking at the evidence we have decided that it must have been a T-Rex. Keep your eyes open and let us know on the blog if you see any other evidence. image




4 thoughts on “Our Dinosaur Hunt!

  1. When I went on the hunt I was so so scared. Also when I found out that Mr Meally saw a Spinosaurus I was so frightened.

  2. I really liked the stories in the library because they were funny and interesting. Also I liked the book that Julie read to us as I like listening to stories.

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