My letter by Serena

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Mike Kapinsky and I work at the Natural History Museum as a night guard. I am writing to you because I think your company is terrible.  You  might not have known this but I have worked here for over 25 years. I  don’t want to work here anymore because I have a family to look after.   When I walk in I am so petrified  that my legs feel like jelly.  Secretly, things in the Museum  are coming to life!  I saw these things coming alive; cowboys  galloping around, mummies awakening (this was really terrifying!) There were monkeys that looked cuddly until they bit  your nose. This happens every night and I can’t  take it  anymore.  In another room there are crazy people  who catch you, also there is a whale that jumps out at you  when you open the door. Trust me, if you get another night guard, he will run away too.

I have had enough of this place, I have to leave NOW!

Yours Sincerely,


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