What is this?


Have a look at these pictures. 

What do you think these buildings are?

What do you think happens in them?


14 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Theys is the indian temple and the temple is for Indians to pray and they pray to god also there are Indian buildings that are enormous and Indian people have ten gods and they are all brothers also there birthdays ar on the same day.

  2. we learnt lots about the temple indian pray too and they pray to god and they pray to god and there ar lots of indian buildigs in the picture.

  3. We learnt lots of things for the golden temple that is pure gold and its like gold earings and they are really nice when you whem and there are diffrent temples in india.

  4. I know one of them. The Golden Temple, because i’ve been there alot of times. i go every time I go to India.

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