Christmas Assembly


Yesterday the whole of Key Stage Two attended St Mary’s Church for their  Christmas Assembly. The event witnessed some amazing performances from each year group. In Year 3 we played Jingle Bells on the Ukulele. It was wonderful to see all 60 of you playing all at the same time. It was great to see so many parents in attendance too.

Here is the audio from our performance for the children to listen to their sensational performance again and for any parents that were unable to make it.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Assembly

  1. i really enjoyed going to do our christmas assembly and i really liked it and i liked it when we played the ukalale:)

  2. it was fab when we went to the church and it was snowing i was enjoying it alot and my favourite song was we three kings and in the bleak minwinter to and they were brillant and i enjoyed all of them espeshilie our year 3 song jingle bells i had alot of fun when we went to the church and it was stunning:)

  3. mummy reali enjoyed the assembly but it was a shame that i
    could not see fozia playing the ukelele… fozia reali enjoyed the
    aseembly especially playing the ukelele!!

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