India Homework

Have a look at some of our fantastic India homework.

This week we’ve had children talking about their time in India, models of the Taj Mahal and The Golden Temple and one family even made some food from India.


Blocking out the light

Today we challenged ourselves to make a lightproof den.

We soon found out that to make darkness we would have to block out all the light and that light could get into the smallest gaps.

Which den do you think kept out the most light?



Welcome to Bollywood

We’ve had a busy first day! When we came to school our classroom had been transformed into a Bollywood cinema. We saw a Bollywood film and we got to try on clothes from India.


Our challenge this half term is to create our own Bollywood movies!

Science Week Paper Plane Designs


Our paper plane entries are coming in from the aeroplane designers of the future, but which one will fly the furthest?

There is some debate whether the larger ones will stay up longer because they will catch more air or if the small ones will go the distance because they are lighter. Perhaps narrow ones will fly further because they are more streamline?

What are your top tips for building a plane and why will your tips make them fly the furthest?