Year 3’s Poems

I will put in the box

the last smile of my grandma,

the pride that holds our family together

and all the travels that I have been on.



I will put in the box

memories of my grandpa,

the pride of lifting a team trophy,

friends and family from Spain.



I will put in the box

the squeak of a squirrel,

the day my sister was born

and when she chased me to ride on my back.



I will put in the box

the sparkle of hot sand in summer,

the shimmer of shadows

and a fluffy feather from a full pillow.



I will put in the box

the silk of my mum’s scarf hanging in my tiny hands,

giant me on top of my dad’s shoulders,

the first smile of my brother.



I will put in the box

the flicker of a fire dragon’s flame,

an ancient alien arriving in the Atlantic,

Liverpool holding the premier league cup.


India Homework

Have a look at some of our fantastic India homework.

This week we’ve had children talking about their time in India, models of the Taj Mahal and The Golden Temple and one family even made some food from India.


Blocking out the light

Today we challenged ourselves to make a lightproof den.

We soon found out that to make darkness we would have to block out all the light and that light could get into the smallest gaps.

Which den do you think kept out the most light?



Welcome to Bollywood

We’ve had a busy first day! When we came to school our classroom had been transformed into a Bollywood cinema. We saw a Bollywood film and we got to try on clothes from India.


Our challenge this half term is to create our own Bollywood movies!