🎄 Year 3 Christmas Concert 🎄

Mr Shepherd led a lovely Christmas concert today. Thank you to all who were able to come and support us and even join in!

The children sang and played so well on their ukuleles. They played Jingle Bells and sang along with two chord changes using the chords F and C7. They also sang Winter Wonderland, Somewhere Only We Know and Last Christmas.

Mr Shepherd did comment that it was some of the best singing he has heard this season! 😃 👍🏼 🎵

Sneak Preview of the Year 2 play ‘Tinsel and Tea towels’

Today we got a special opportunity to watch a preview of this year’s Year 2 play. Here are some photographs with added quotes from 3S after the performance.

“Super dance


“Great comedy acting”

“The songs were sung loudly and clearly with marvellous actions!”

“Amazing performance on the blow-up guitar 🎸!!!”

“Brilliant songs like ‘Little Donkey’, ‘What have we got in our dressing up box’, ‘Tragedy’ and ‘Angels’.”

From Flint to Forging ~ Stone Age to Iron Age

We were being history detectives again today when we looked closely at cave paintings from Lascaux in France. We went on a virtual tour to look at these amazing pictures that were created thousands of years ago. We worked in pairs to discover and discuss what we thought and made comments on the pictures and what we noticed.

Why did they use drawings and not write..?

Why aren’t there pictures from well before this time..?

What can we tell from these pictures..?

Why did they draw these things..?

How did they create the pictures..? What could they have used..?

3S Reading INSPIRE

Today we focused on a book called ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne.

After we had listened to it, we did an activity called ‘Draw Down’ where we summarised the story into 4 key parts. Here are some examples:

A huge thank you to all of the parents who turned up to support the children. We had a fantastic turnout. Here are some more photos:

Viking Skype!

On Monday 21st October, Wulfruna the Viking spoke live via video chat from Yorvik with the Year 3 children. She talked about everyday Viking home life including what they wore and how they had fun. We learned about Gods (her favourite was Freya), battles and weapons and also about famous Viking sagas. We also learned what children did instead of going to school! We had prepared questions in a Literacy lesson beforehand and she answered those and more. Here are some pictures… See if you can spot:

    an ear spoon to clear ears out
    a comb made out of cow horn
    a horn musical instrument
    a Hnefatafl game board with the King piece in the middle..