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The Main Gods of Norse Mythology or Æsir Gods


• The God of war and death and the King of the Æsir.

• He is married to Frigg, the goddess of motherhood and domesticity.

• Famously rode an 8-legged horse called Sleipnir, who was the son of Loki when he had shapeshifted into the form of a mare.

• Odin is heavily associated with practising magic. He has one eye because he sacrificed the other to drink from the fountain of wisdom.

• He had 2 ravens, Hugin and Munin, which told him what was happening in the world.

• He gives his name to the weekday ‘Wednesday’.


• He is the God of love, peace and forgiveness and the Son of Odin, the king of the Æsir.

• Twin brother of the blind God of darkness, Höðr.

• The death of Baldur is believed to have lead to the famous battle of the Gods, known as Ragnarok.


• She is the Goddess of motherhood, marriage and domesticity and the wife of Odin, the king of the Æsir.

• She has the power of prophecy and the weekday ‘Friday’ is named after Frigg.


• A guardian God who watched over the Bifrost Bridge: the path to Asgard.

• Had a horn that he blew if Asgard was ever in danger.

• The last of the gods to die at Ragnarok.


• The blind God of darkness and winter also known as Hodor.

• Twin brothe of Baldur, who he accidentally killed.


• The Goddess of youth and a guardian.

• Guards the golden apples that the gods must eat in order to survive until Ragnarok. She is the wife of Bragi, the God of poetry.


• The Goddess of homes and crops and is married to Thor, the God of thunder.

• Famous for having hair made of gold. Her hair was chopped off by Loki as a prank, and Thor made him get the hair re-made.


• The God of thunder and a guardian of Asgard and the son of Odin.

• One of the most powerful gods. It was believed that Thor travelled in a chariot pulled by goats.

• Famous for causing thunderclaps using his hammer, Mjolnir.

• The weekday ‘Thursday’ is named after Thor.


• The God of mischief and trickery. He was also known as the Lord of Lies because of his ability to shapeshift.

• He often got himself into trouble and was responsible for cutting off Sif’s hair, helping Thor to rescue his hammer, stealing Freyja’s necklace and tricking a giant into building huge walls around Asgard.

• As punishment, Loki was bound to a rock until Ragnarok.


• The God of single-handed combat.

• Týr is famous for only having one hand, which was bitten off by the wolf Fenrir.


• He is the God of hunting and winter and the son of Sif and stepson of Thor.

• Married to Skadi, the Goddess of winter and associated with skiing, and was famous for leaving trails across the sky.


• The God of revenge and silence.

• Son of Odin and a giantess named Grid.

• Responsible for killing the wolf, Fenrir, at Ragnarok.

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