Bright Start- Odd One Out!


This morning our  Bright Start activity was to consider which  object or item was the Odd One Out.  We  had to vote using our A,B,C and D cards as to which one was the Odd One Out.  In addtion to voting we also had to  explain why we believed that item or object was  the Odd One Out. We received some great explanations!

What has been your favourite Bright Start  activity so far?

5 thoughts on “Bright Start- Odd One Out!

  1. i like the odd one out games it was fun my favourite game on odd on out was the pensil one because it was easy 🙂 the hardest one was the on which had wooden shapes on it but then i found out it was the triangle because it had three sides and courners and all the others have four sides and courners it was hard….. 🙁

  2. it looks like you’ve had fun giving your own opions and listening to other peoples ideas. you had to choose what you think and why.

  3. i enjoyed walking around the other tables to spot the odd
    one out, and most of the times i got them right,, which i was reali
    happy about

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