Get Talking, Get Learning

Week Commencing  3.1.2011

Literacy – Next Year in Literacy we are starting to follow and write instructions.  What are instructions? How and when do we use them? What do they look like? Can you make an ‘instructions’ poster? Bring it in to share with your class.  Challenge– Can you write your own Christmas story Playscript?

Phonics– Get reading!  Get out all your phonics books and read one everyday with somebody!  Can you answer all the questions? 

Remember to keep reading everyday and fill in your blue journal. Look for new words! Use a dictionary to find out what they mean.  (Remember Microsoft Word has a thesaurus that could help you too.)

Numeracy –  Keep practising your time telling!  Can you tell the time whenever somebody asks? Over the holiday keep busy! Challenge yourself to solve +  –  x  ÷ questions.  Use the steps to success to help you.  When we come back we are weighing.  Over the holidays get in the kitchen with your family and get cooking.  Can you use weighing scales and measure out ingredients? Learn lots of new skills to show us.     How would you use these to weigh?

Our new topic is ‘Rainbow Fabric!’

We are going to be Independent Enquirers.  This means you are going to become researchers.  Over the holidays can you find the answers to these questions?


What is fabric?

How do we use fabric?

Where does fabric come from?

How is it made?

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