Time Tastic!

This week in Numeracy you are becoming talented time tellers. Use this website underneath to choose a favourite game and challenge yourself to improve your own knowledge:


Can you set someone a time challenge or question to see how much we all know about time?

E.g. The flight to Mumbai departed at 12:30am and arrived at 8:00pm. How long did the flight take?

Good luck to all you tick tockers!

Miss Smith and Miss Kirkham đŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Time Tastic!

  1. I enjoyed doing time it was gerat we done half past,qarter past,quarter to and o’clock we done it on sheets today and we estimate the anwsers and we made some up by our selfs.

  2. I really enjoyed learning about time. The main ones are: quarter past, quarter to, half past and O’ clock. I know them and I also know twenty past, five past, and twenty five past! These are what I know on digital times: 12:00, 12:30, 12:15 and 12:45! I have put a thought shower in my Get Talking, Get Learning book about time!

  3. What new things have you learnt about time this week?

    Celebrate your successes here?

    What are your next steps this week?

    Miss Smith and Miss Kirkham

    • We learnt lots of things about time and on the clock there are different numbers and they have got names too and we are trying our bests to do it in analogue time and digital times.

  4. It is fun when we do time. We do it in quarter to,quarter past,half past and o’clock also we do analogue and digital times. Analogue is like this half past 6 and digital is like this 6:30 and we do lots of things about time; you can use a clock to help you.

  5. I totally love time tastic because I learned
    more about time and I thought it will be
    so easy but it was acctualy it was really

  6. thank you i loved that game it was fun; it was magnifcent. I have played on all the games because i enjoyed it too much.

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