The 3D Shape Challenge

Wow! Year 3 when I came in today I was amazed by all the fantastic ideas and shape talk.  You were working on a very exciting challenge of making your own 3D building using nets.

How many 2D and 3D shapes can you spot and name in these buildings?

8 thoughts on “The 3D Shape Challenge

  1. In the first one I can see some Cylinders and Triangular Prisim. In the second one I can see 2 cubeiods. In the third one I can see 6 cubeiods and 1 cube. I the last one I can see 2 Hemispheres and 1 Sphere and 6 Cylinders and 1 Cube. At first I didn’t know what a Hemisphere was but then I knwe that it was half of a Sphere.

  2. We learnt all about 3D shapes and we saw them on indian buildings and the 3D shapes we saw was hemi sphere that has 2 faces, 0 edges, 0 vertices and a hemi sphere is like a sphere because a hemi sphere is half and a sphere is full.

  3. Wow every one you have got fantastic super buildings. You have really thought properly, they are substantial and colossal!

  4. we had made our circuit’s (light) (materials that we had used
    by making our light) 2 LED’S (litle light bulb with a pin) 2(two) wire’s and 2 batteries and some thing that we put our batteries in and even we loved making our circiuts (light) it was joy full I hope we do more again please.thank you.

  5. I learned all about 3D shapes and we searched
    on the internet and found the indian 3D
    shape buildings and after that we made the
    3D buildings!

  6. When we done all about 3D shapes we pasted some buildings on microsoft word and i done the taj mahl and i saw lots of 3D shapes.The shapes i saw is a hemi-sphere it is a bit like a sphere but a hemi-sphereis halve and a sphere is full.You can find more 3D shapes on a diffrent website.:)

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