Our Special Vistor From Uganda!!!! By Zara

On wednesday we had  a special vistor all the way from uganda. We were all very excited and couldn’t wait. Firstly,we  were told all about ‘ ‘Rock Foundation School’ and  all the improvments they had made. We were all shocked at the shool compared to ours. I learn’t that kids had to school at 7:00o in  the morning and school finishes at 4 ,  5 and 6:00. In uganda they have shillings instead of coins. He also said that children ( about the age of 5 and over) had to walk 2 miles to get water  and back before going to school. I was shocked when I heard that there was only 3 computers in the whole school. We learnt loads of facts and we had a great day.

There’s a boy in the girls bathroom. By Zara

During this half term in literacy our topic is ‘ There’s a boy in the girls bathroom.’ We enjoyed reading the chapters in the book. The main character is Bradley Chalker. He  has no friend execpt his  toy friends. Bradley is rude and he tells LOAD’S of lies. He sits  my himself, last seat last row and he is known as a ‘island‘. All the girls think that Bradley is weak and he gets beaten up by a  GIRL! Bradley said that girl’s  can’t do anything  but kick and boys can punch in the end Bradley kicks out  and thhe girls punch.

We enjoyed this book.

Special visitor from Uganda by Ali

Today two very special visitors came to see year 5. One of them was a headteacher from uganda called Pasta Deo who tought us about Uganda. We were engrossed in all the information Pasta Deo told us. We were surprised that they had about 50 people in each class room. Tere were lots of students but only a small school building. We saw photos of the school and it is very different to our school. We are lucky to have so much equipment and computers. Pasta Deo said there was about 439 people in that school.Did you know they had canes which are used if children are naughty?

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Surprise Day for 5M by Ali and David

Today we  went to the co-oprative,we had a phenomenal time. We went because our topic is ‘its not fair’s    it was mind blowing there were lots of fair trade products like kiwi, pineapple, lamb chops, coffee,sugar and even chocoloate ( cocoa powder). We looked at the prices of the products and compared them with items which are not fair trade, fair trade was a little bit more expensive but that is because the extra money goes to the farmers and workers from the 3rd world countries. Here are some pictures we took on our visit.



It’s not fair! By Ismaeel and Liam

Today we had a wicked day.We started a new topic called ‘It’s not fair’.We started of our lesson by doing a exhillerating starter activity. Mrs davaney kept us in suspence.

Fair Trade is when workers from 3rd world and other countries are allowed to sell there products at a rate that they can then afford to look after themselves and there families.

Mrs Devaney was the banker and all of us were workers.

One table had to sell sugar beat another table had to sell sugar cane and another table had to sell sweets.The sugar beat sellers had 3 pencils, 3 pairs of  scissors and 2 crayons.The sugar cane sellers had 1 pencil, 1 pair of scissors and 1 crayon. The sweet sellers had 4 pencils, 3 pairs of scissors and 3 crayons.

The suger beat sellers  has to sell a set of 5 and gets 1 pound.

The sugar cane sellers had to sell a set of 10 and gets 1 pound.

The sweet sellers had to sell a set of 5 and gets 20 pounds.

Do you think his is fair?

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Our Emergency scenario videos

Here are 5D’s emergency scenarios. We have worked really hard to make this videos. Some of these emergency scenarios are about:

Choking , Bleeding Burns , Fire saftey and many more. We have edited them and added steps to make them look professional.  We have had lots of fun making these.