Literacy! Directed and Reported Speech.

In literacy we have been learning about directed and reported speech as a starter before learning about news reports. We have looked at how to change direct speech into reported and reported into directed speech.

Here are some examples of different speeches.

1) ” The costa concordia was tilting to the side unexpectedly!” screamed Amy, a passenger on board.

2) One of the waiters on board the costa concordia has claimned that when the ship started to sink the captain was no were to be seen.

Can you change these sentences into a different type of speech ( for example if sentence one was reported speech turn it into direct speech)?

Can you come up with your own sentences and post them as a comment?

3 thoughts on “Literacy! Directed and Reported Speech.

  1. This post about direct and reported speech is fantastic!. I have some sentences of my own.

    “The Costa Concordia has hit a rock and is going to drown!” Johnathan yelled, a passenger on board.

    Jonothan, who was a passenger on board, yelled to everyone that the Italian Cruise liner, The Costa Concordia, hit a rock and was going to drown.

    Here is another one.

    “Where is the captain. He is the only one who can work the controls.” Elliot, a waiter on board, shouted at the passengers when the Costa Concordia was tilting.

    One of the waiters on board the Costa Concordia, named Elliot, said that the captain was nowhere to have been seen so there was no hope for anyone because only Captain Francesco Schettino could work the controls.

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