St John’s Ambulance First Aid Training

Today, we have been really lucky to have two St John’s Ambulance trainers come to school to give us training in first aid.


Have a go at answering these questions –

What does DR ABC stands for?

Describe how to put someone in the recovery position.


Describe what’s happening in this picture? Describe what you would do.

Where must someone who has had an abdominal thrust go? Who would you not do an abdominal thrust on?

Which colour inhaler would someone who is having an asthma attack need?

7 thoughts on “St John’s Ambulance First Aid Training

  1. I really enjoyed learning about first aid because one day maybe we could save somebody’s life. DR ABC stands for danger, response, airway breathing, and circulation.

  2. D = danger
    R = responce
    A = airway
    B = breathing
    C = circulation

    To put someone in a recovery position you check that they have no sharp objectsin their pockets. Then make sure you are at their waist. After that get the hand furthest away from you and put it on their cheek, using the same hand you used to put their hand on their cheek support their hand on their cheek. Next put the leg furthest away from you up on it’s foot.Use your spare hand to roll the casultie towards you.

    In the picture the girl is choking.
    If you have just performed an abdominal thrust someone make sure you send / take them to hospital.
    The colour needed if someone is having an asthma attack is blue.

  3. Here’s all my knowledge about Emergancy:

    DR ABC
    D- Danger
    A- Air way
    B- Breathing
    C- Circulation
    The colour that you need for asthma is blue. You should not do a abdominal thrust on people that look very weak and skinny, as this is suited to stronger people. 😀

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