Accelerated Readers!

Accelerated reading is a competition that you do in Y5 and Y6. You read books that are in your reading level and each book is worth points, and the more points you earn the better prizes you get and when you finish your book you do a test based on the book you’ve finished. If you get all the answers right and you get 100% you get the full amount of points the book is worth and a prize from the school prize box. And once you’ve done the test you get a new book and you finish the book you do another test and so on. This is the amount of points you need to get a prize each time: 10 points book mark, 50 points book, 100 points book voucher and then 500 points your very one E reader!

3 thoughts on “Accelerated Readers!

  1. I love accelerated reading because I love reading. I enjoy the books that the school gets and read it everyday untill I finish it. I hope everybody else enjoys accelerated reading too!

  2. I really enjoy accelerated reading! I love reading! The book that I’m reading (How Ali Ferguson saved Houndini) is very engrossing. I hope you enjoy reading Your book! šŸ˜€

  3. I enjoy accelerated reading! It is fun because you get to read lots of different books. I love reading!

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