Emperor penguins

In year 5 we haven’t been looking at animals for a while so I decided to conjure up some interesting facts about emperor penguins.Also I found a 2 year old book about Emperor Penguins, on my book shelf and decide to write ten interesting facts about Emperor Penguins. I think you know what the post is about.

1.The Emperor Penguin is the largest of 17 species of penguin.

2.In normally they have to withstand a whopping  -60 degrees.

3.They can dive up to 585m deep.

4.They are the only bird what could stand the icy wind of antarctica.

5.Emperor Penguins manly eat crustaceans and squid.

6.Theres 40 different colonies of Emperor Penguins.

7. They can weigh up to 23 to 40kg.

8. The average Emperor Penguin egg is 450g

9.Their waterproof feathers are 12mm thick

10.Their preys size is up to about 20cm.


There you go 10 facts about the wonderful Emperor Penguins. Aren’t they so fascinating.