In PE, we learnt how to hold a hockey stick correctly and how to control the ball by keeping the ball as close to the stick as possible.


How can we improve our dribbling skills?



Budds by Aleena

When you have no one to play with come to the people with yellow caps on that say buddy  because  we can play lots of games with you if you have no friends to play with and there is no time to be bored!

The human skeleton by Amana

What is a skeleton?

A skeleton is basically bones made with joints and the joints help us move.

How does a skeleton move?

A skeleton moves with  the joints that makes us move.

Why do we need a skeleton?

We need a skeleton with joints to help us move and pick up things and to walk/run.

Do we need a skeleton?

Yes we do need a skeleton because  we need to move, run and walk .


(More facts)

There are 27 bones and more than 30 muscles  in each hand.

All bones have a job.The skull protects the brain.

The  leg bone isn’t  actually one bone it is 2 bones.

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All about Skeletons

Inside our bodies we have things like the heart, lungs and bones. Without bones you can’t  do anything like walking. In our bodies we have 206 bones,  the smallest bone is inside your ear and your biggest bone is inside your thighs. Some of your bones are joined together. When you break a bone it will hurt lots there are ways to break a bone like falling over especially playing sports or if you jump very high and you land in a incorrect position. Inside your head there is a skull or you can call it a cranium. If you hold your ribs inside your body you can feel it. A skeleton is made out of bones.  A skeleton is an inner part of your body which helps you stay strong, healthy and stops most injuries. It is for protection and is used to keep you healthy. The skeleton moves a lot although  it is very tough you can still bend bones this is because we have parts of your body which are called joints. These are like hinges in a door and let you move your bones in different ways. Joints are very similar and look like a screw . We need a skeleton for protection and to help keep healthy. They allow blood to pass more easily and if you fall they can stop injuries hurting as bad. Without skeletons we would not be able to be flexible or take any risks like running or you could die because nothing can protect you from the damage if you do fall even lightly!


by Navandeep

Trip to Dubai

In March 2007 I visited Dubai with my family.  We did a four day stopover in Dubai on our way to visit my family in Pakistan.  Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I was nearly 3 years old and went with my mum, dad, older brother and two older sisters.

I have some happy memories of this holiday and have watched all of the home-made videos.  We stayed in the Golden Sands arpartment.  We did lots of exciting activites like an open top bus tour, visiting Dubai museum and the local zoo.  Dubai is a very hot, humid and sandy country.  We had a sandstorm while we were on the bus tour and had to go down to the bottom level for shelter.

My favourite bits were taking a boat ride in a traditional, wooden Arab boat and spending a whole day on Jumeira Beach which has beautiful white sand.  Saturday is  ladies and kids only day on Jumeira Beach, no men allowed!

Dubai is different to our country as it is an Islamic country and you will see lots of people in muslim dress, all the food is halal & it is illegal to sell or buy alcohol.  It is a beautiful country full of date palm trees and amazing shopping centres.  Some shopping centres are so huge, that it feels like you are visiting a small town.  One shopping centre even had an indoor ski slope!

This was an amazing experience & I would like to visit Dubai again soon and maybe do a camel and jeep ride on the sand dunes.(:



Going wild Callum

I went to Abererch sands. This is a campsite I went to Abererch sands for a holiday because we hadn’t been on holiday for a wile. Abererch sands is different from Smethwick because is near the beach and sea. We also stayed in a tent on a campsite. We cooked our food on a camp stove. We bought a cooked chicken which we ate with salad. We cooked a breakfast on the camp stove with pans. We had bacon, egg, beans and sausage. We ate our dinner off plastic plates in the tent on a fold out table and chairs. The weather was mostly sunny we had a little bit of rain in the morning. The weather was mostly sunny and I caught a bit of tan. I wore shorts and t-shirts every day because we went on the beach and it was sunny. We went to the caravan and walked around caravan castle. It took about 2 hours but it would have taken longer . We went on the beach every day, we played in the sea, we made sandcastles with spades and buckets. We also went to the shops. We had a look around gift shops and went to Asda for food. I played in my rubber dingy in the sea with my brother. I pushed the boat over whilst my brother was in it. We also took our dog Benji on holiday with us. He went in the sea a few times. I enjoyed my holiday and didn’t want to come home. I would like to go back there for another holiday.

When I went to Blackpool.

We went to Blackpool on the  17th July and we went for fun as a family.We only went for two days.When I went to Blackpool it took two and a half hours to get there.We made  some stops where we could eat and find some thing to do in the car like word searches. Then I asked my mom,” How long would it take to walk to Blackpool ?” Then my mom said,”three days!”

Next we finally got to Blackpool and then my auntie  called up my mom and said,”I am in Blackpool to.” We parked the car. My mom found my auntie and her kids on the beach. One of  my auntie’s children was called Neena and she is twenty six and the other one is called Ricky and he is 18.Then we got back in the car and drove to our hotel that we were staying in.We finally reached our destination.It looked small on the out side but when we went in it was huge. It was surprising because my auntie was stopping there to.The hotel had a time share for kids at different times.We had our key for our rooms and me and my sister ran to the room as fast as lightning. Then I started unpacking my clothes and putting under the bed  where the draws. Then me and my sister ran out the room and went to the game room and started playing with the other  children. We were playing tag , hide and seek also catch. We had been playing for an hour and all the kids were tired, so we stopped playing and we all went back to our rooms and me and my sister were so tired that we jumped and went to sleep on our beds for an hour. Suddenly, my mom came in and she saw us asleep then woke us up. My mom said “how long have you been asleep?” Then me and my sister said ” we don’t know.” Next we went to have dinner so we went up to my auntie’s room because we where  going to have a meal together. We went to an Indian  place and the food there was so good that the whole place was full of people. After eating, me and my sister went to the beach at night because all the Christmas lights were on and it was nice and calm.

  Then it was the next day we where going to go on  a rollacoaster which was called Pepsi max and it is the biggest rollacoaster in England. It was so huge it was nearly as huge as the Blackpool tower.I went on it and it was so fast that it felt like I was going to fall out the Pepsi can. After I came off, I was so dizzy that every thing went bleary. Before we got on the ride, I bet Ricky £1 that he would scream like a girl. We came off the ride and he did not scream so I had to give him £1. Next we went to eat ,we had fish and chips. Then we went back to the hotel it was night time so we  started packing our bags and went to sleep.



















Facts about Pakistan by Amana


How big is Pakistan?

Pakistan is the 38th largest country in the world.

Which is the largest city of Pakistan?

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. of the country, it was the first capital of free Pakistan.

What is the official language of Pakistan?

Urdu is the national language, while English is the official language of Pakistan. English is used in official business, government, and legal contracts. There are more than sixty languages spoken in the country. Other recognized regional languages are Balochi,  Pashto, Punjabi, and Saraiki.

What is the religion of Pakistan?

Islam is the state religion of Pakistan. It is home to the second-largest Shia population in the world. Approximately 97% of the population is Muslim.

Pakistan is by india and india wrisked half of there  country to make pakistan and india and pakistan and india used to be one and they two people had a fight and the two countrys split apart and they all fell out.






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Winter Wonderland!

Hi Year 4.


I can’t believe how much snow has fallen over the weekend.  My friend and I have been taking long walks and having snowball fights with eachother. It has been incredibly fun.

Have you been enjoying the snow? What have you been doing? Post your comments and pictures on here.