My Trip To Skegness. Blogpost by Bismah 4M.

On wednessday 27th July me,my sister Faryal, my mum and some of my cousins took a fabulous trip to Skegness. Let me tell you about it…

The night before we were going I was very excited. Me, Faryal and my mum were packing what we were going to take which took over an hour! When I was packed I fell asleep, meanwhile my mum and Faryal were still packing.(I fell asleep at 11 o’clock and Faryal and my mum went to sleep at 3 o’clock!)

Even though I was electrified I was a bit grumpy at the same time because we had to wake up at 7 in the morning and leave at 8! 🙁 When I was ready Faryal was still lying in bed. Finally all of us were ready so we put the food and clothes in the car and drove off. My dad dropped us off at Handsworth. We got out of the car and walked to the coach. I sat by my cousin Hira and cousin Aleena. It took us at least 1 hour to get ready to drive off but we finally managed.

On the way I was just talking to my cousins about the trip. After a while we had a snack. I was very keen to get there quickly but I just had to be patient. Half way there we stopped just to have a rest and then we took off. As time went by we made it. It took us a good 5 hours to get there but it was worth it. We got there at half past 12 and had to come back at 5 o’clock. The first ride me, Hira and Aleena went on was very frightening. I sat on thinking that it wouldn’t be petrifieing but it was. It started off slow then became faster and faster and faster. I kept my eyes shut hoping the ride was over. When I got off I said to Hira that i’m never going on it again. Hira told me that she loved it. Next we went on a ghost ride I sat by Hira’s sister Hajra. When we went in I put my hands over my eyes. Half way I took them off. It wasn’t terrifieing at all. After a few more rides I went on the bumper cars. I sat with Hira’s mum and she drove. It was very fun but I got off with a bruise on my leg.

When we had gone on more rides we sat down and ate. After we had ate me, my cousin Iqra, cousin Sidra, Hira, Aleena and Aleena’s sister headed off to the beach. When I saw it I was absolutely mesmerised. The sand was so smooth and the sea was crystal. The smooth sand was so deep that you couldn’t even run and your feet sank. We had lot’s of fun at the beach. We played in the water and took pictures. (The water wasn’t warm it was really, really cold.) At 5 o’clock we got changed out of our wet clothes and into our dry clothes. We headed back to the coach but it wasn’t there so we waited. Whilst we were waiting I had an ice-cream. When the coach had arrived we got on and drove off. Eventually we arrived back to Birmingham.

Mya's Summer holidays so far…

Me and my family have been really lucky because my older sister who is married and lives about one hour away has come down to stay with us for the week. At the moment she has gone down to keep in touch with her friends so I thought while I’m not busy spending time with her, I might as well write a post telling you all about what I have been up to so far in the summer…
Deciding I need a bit of a break my sister has treated me to movies at the cinemas, bowling, restaurants and many more captivating journeys.
On the first evening when my sister came, although we’re all trying to keep healthy and fit we went out for an appetising, delectable meal at Wing-Wah!
One day later, after waking up at almost mid-day, we all went out to the cinemas to watch Kung-Fu Panda 2. You’d never think it but that is a very enthralling film it really hooks you in, if you get some free time you should watch it.
The next day we went to merry-hill to do some shopping, I have to admit, I soak out my parent’s wallet when it comes to shopping! Also that day I didn’t just spend their money on shopping, I spent it on a heavenly, luscious pizza hut too!
Yesterday we went bowling, I never lost the game that time but I am not fantastic at it only because I’m quite weak and the balls nearly pulled my arms off!
Later in the evening we was in the mood for some American food so we head out for T.G.I Fridays even though it wasn’t a Friday!
I do hope my phenomenal holidays continue because I sure am loving them so far!

School is out for summer!

But that doesn’t mean you need to stop learning and writing of course! If you would like to post something on the blog then just send it to me and I will add it for you as a new post. This could be a diary entry, a story, a newspaper article or anything else.

Enjoy your summer, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Poor Song Man By Zara

Have you ever been unloved and unwanted by your family?
Have you been ignored while you are trying to entertain your family?
Well in this story this is what happened to the Song man…
“Go away we don’t need you here” said his wife (Rebecca) while she was peeling the skin off a rabbit. The song man felt lonely and unloved by his cruel, negligent family. They were negligent because they didn’t appreciate all the hard work he did for them (like hunting for food). He was old and ancient and had wrinkly skinny fingers. He tried to entertain his family but they took no notice, He was heartbroken. Although he didn’t want to leave he had no choice but he had to leave. The song man trudged out his camp, tears were cascading down his cheek which was like a leather sofa. He looked over his shoulder and saw them dancing and having a greatest time without him. He had never been so sorrowful and felt like his heart was going shatter into a thousand pieces. He walked slowly and he saw beautiful, shiny pebbles on the ground. Later that day he saw mesmeric, glimmering water which was calm and serene. The waterfall was cascading like diamonds rushing down. Just at that moment he felt that he was being dragged by someone or somebody……

Then he saw a scaly, exquisite tail and long golden hair. Who was swimming gently in the water? Who could this be? Just then he saw a gorgeous, picturesque mermaid he had never saw one before ever in his life. He had the most great, fantastic time! He swam and saw lots of types of creatures. But he still remembered his family and saw them sobbing with tears. He tried to touch them but it was just a dream. He felt miserable and unhappy. Despite him missing the caring, loving mermaids he had to leave the water and go back to his family. He headed back home and slowly trudged as he waved to the mermaids. The man’s family was sitting down casted and suddenly with shock they heard footsteps. They were ever so glad and pleased they rapidly ran to the song man and hugged him. Never again will I leave my family. Now they appreciated the things he did for his family. Well that was the story of the song man.

The Mermaid Story By Mya

“You’re absolutely hopeless, you can’t even sing!” My savage, cruel sons screeched over my voice as I tried to entertain them with my dancing. Unloved, uncared, taken for granted I secretly trudged out of my own home to be away from my boisterous, brutal family. Can you believe my own family don’t love me? Despite me knowing it was something I’d never usually think of doing… I abandoned my family and headed out for outback…
Halfway down a prickly path, I threw a discarded, chipped pebble to show my anger and frustration. I dragged my weak body towards a tall tree as a radiant, picturesque magpie caught the pebble I threw. At that moment a phenomenal idea suddenly began to blossom in my mind…
Deciding that I had nothing more to lose, I followed the precarious, exquisite creature which led me through a deserted, drab forest to a cascading waterfall which trickled into a pond. In the spot I was standing the sky, which was as clear as crystal, seemed much more beautiful than I had ever saw it. Surrounding me I saw such kaleidoscopic plants which were the most radiant things I’d ever see. As I began strolling towards the harmonious pond my feet felt as if they were in a bucket of moisturiser! Dejectedly, despondently I peacefully swam to the centre of the serene pond feeling overwhelmed as if all my problems suddenly faded away, until I felt myself uncontrollably being dragged into the pond by some sort of creature under the water…
Who was it? What were they doing there? Why did they pull me in?
Pushing the water behind me I trembled as I noticed precarious, exotic mermaids were surrounding me!
Throughout that tranquil evening I felt as if the mermaids were my own family, they cared for me and adored my company. Usually I am very content but I was the most elated I’d ever been in my entire life.
Even though I thought my intense, tempestuous family was my past, that evening I had an image reminding of the cruel lot. Although I had an idea it’d be of them teasing me, it seemed to be of my two sisters first weeping and then my young son sobbing away heartbrokenly. Stuck in a dilemma, I bit my lip struggling for a decision but as a vivid, radiant creature swam by I made up my mind. I ordered the exotic creature to take me to shore.
Peacefully waving I cried my byes to the striking mermaids and even though I knew I’d miss them, I began my journey returning home…
Proud, relived, delighted I scrutinized my family as I arrived and over the moon they hugged me back. Never again will I leave my family no matter how exasperated they get me because everyone has their arguments.

The Song Man By Joshua

Has your family ever treated you like a piece of rotten trash? Well that’s how the wise song man felt many thousands of years ago. This is his sorrowful story…
On a bright, cool, sunny day the song man felt as gleeful and proud as he could be because he had caught a stuffed, succulent mouth watering rabbit . As he arrived at the camp the Song man said to his wife “It’s a lovely day to have a rabbit why don’t we make a rabbit stew?” as he tried to give her a kiss after his 2 hour journey.
“GET OFF ME!”She shouted pulling herself away from him. So miserably the song man stormed off into the garden where he saw his cute, lovely, beautiful granddaughter doing a traditional dance to practice for the special celebration that was coming up soon. Her brother was watching her too and applauded her loudly and called out words of encouragement. Song man admired her dancing unaware of the cruel words another member of his family was about to say.
“Go away you wrinkly old man” shouted his only son as the whole village stared wide eyed at him. Nobody loves me, no body cares he thought as he crept out off the camp knowing that nobody even noticed him leave. He took with him only a bottle of water and as he walked he saw a koala bear cuddling her baby in its arms. That made him feel as insignificant as a piece of dust flying in sky because he didn’t have anyone to hug himself. Just then he came across a pool so deep he thought he saw straight into the core of the earth. After he spotted three flawless mermaids swimming like sharks in the pool. As he walked the mermaids dragged him in like a bird into a snakes mouth. Whoosh… whish…… The mermaids and song man danced gracefully. They went all the way to the Niagara falls and back to Australia. Then he stopped off at a grey 100,000,000 year old rock from the Stone Age and lastly a dash of light had shone on him. After this he had a vision of his stingy, cold blood, mean family but it seemed they had missed him after all. His wife lay shattered in tears crying and his own son had an axe near his head as he was shouting.
“Why me why me” and his poor granddaughter. He had decided to go back to the camp and he demanded to go back home. And after a few hours he had arrived at the huge, colossal, Massive gate and as he searched tent to tent he had found his wife sleeping and he waited until she had woke up. When they awoke they cuddled him like a rattle snake around his neck he ever had in his whole ancient life. He felt like the happiest old man in the whole village that there had ever been….

The Mermaid Story By Shannon

Have you ever felt unloved by your family even though you try your best to entertain them?
Has your family ever hurt your feelings so deeply that you feel you have no choice but to abandon them and leave?
Have you tried to entertain your family but they ignore you no matter how hard you try?
Well my family has. I always try to do a funny and entertaining dance for my family who I love so much but they don’t appreciate me and they just walk away.
“Go away we don’t need you!” yelled my own son. When I went to dance with my son, they laughed at me and just walked away. “I don’t get it why do they really hate me” I said to myself. So I decided to sit by a rough, chunky tree to think about why my family hated me so much. So I threw a smooth, light grey rock into the air in anger and frustration.
Then a lovely multicolored bird caught the stone and flew off so I decided to follow. I saw outstanding things whilst following the magnificent bird like kaleidoscopic flowers with vivid petals, colossal trees and much more. Next I saw a massive glistening water fall it was so spectacular that I decided to stand in the middle of the cool blue water and then… WOOSH! Something peculiar pulled me in. I saw what it was, there were striking and exotic mermaids all around me it felt like they were my family. They stayed with me and entertained me so I decided to stay there with them for a week. After a while with the mermaids I started to have the same dream over and over again each night. The dreams were about my family, I tried to touch them but it was just a dream. I started to miss them so I asked a wild animal to take me home and it did. My family ran over to me when I arrived home and hugged me and said “We missed you a lot!” It felt like they were my family again.

The Poor Song Man By Max

Have you ever felt unloved, unappreciated and unwanted? Have you ever just wanted to be loved? Have you ever just wanted to run away from your own camp? Have you just wanted to be amazingly good dancer? Well this story is all about the poor aged song man who just wanted to impress his ignoble, wretched family. He only had one dream, to impress and entertain his family. He had a wife called Merila and a grandson called Fraiser. He was the wise one in the family and always knew the right thing to do. He had loads of wrinkly wrinkles that came from the sizzling hot sun. It was long, long ago when the ancient song man was dancing his most extraordinary dance just to entertain his selfish family. Heartbroken, disheveled the elderly song man decided to do something he would never think of doing…. Leaving the camp.
Slowly the old man left the camp and snuck away. Taking a rest the song man threw a forceful rock at a mesmeric, multicolored bird. The bird flew away and the poor song man decided to follow… On his travels he saw a stunning waterfall cascading down the irrefragable Boulders. Walking down a steep path he came to some beautiful stepping stones which were so mesmeric he decided to go on an adventure. Taking in his radiant surroundings he saw such exotic colors he nearly got hypnotized. Closing his exhausted eyes, something or someone, dragged him in to the stunningly beautiful water…
Exhilarated the song man decided to follow the radiant mermaids into the bottomless river. Through the darkest caves, through the gooiest seaweed until he reached the mesmeric cave. Slowly closing his tired eyes he dreamt about his disheveled family. Thinking hard the deprived man felt lonely even though he was with the only thing that cared for him. So he made the best choice he could do…
Leave the stunning cave and go back to his lonesome family. Slowly he jumped of the unbreakable rock and onto a rough tortoise. As he took on his adventures he noticed that the strikingly handsome mermaids were really miserable about the song man leaving the mesmeric sea temple. Looking back the mature song man took his last views of the eye-catching mermaids and slowly but sadly strolled away from the mermaids. Rubbing his dead beat eyes he finally found his family once again. Running quickly, the elderly man’s son, daughter, and wife came running towards him. Suddenly the song man felt loved once again but the grandson didn’t want to give him a cuddle. As the grandson looked in his voluminous beard he saw something amazing, the mermaids from the billabong. Shocked the adolescent boy gave him a massive cuddle.