Flip Learning Project

Thank- you for your fabulous homework!   Your work in class and your homework clearly demonstrates that you have been  watching the videos at home.   

Goal Scorer

As I pushed open the creaky door, which was old, I peered in. Slowly, I started walking along the narrow path. There was complete silence. It seemed as if no one had been here before. The sun was tanning over my face as if it was on fire.Never had I experienced a place like this before.I could see colossal branches hanging over my head. I thought to my self that this was a staggering discovery, I felt jittery. I could see a glimmering unicorn carved from stone, which looked like the one on my badge. I felt sorrowful as I started to remember. I felt as if my whole life had changed inside a minute. I could hear the leaves rustling off their branches. I could smell the sweet, divine, smell of the white and bright, wild flowers.  Suddenly, I heard Mrs B called my name to come for dinner. I started heading out of the garden and shut the door behind me.

Around the World Picnic

Rockin all over the world (performance track)Hi 4P,

On Thursday, we will be performing the ‘Rockin All Over the World’ track. Please take a moment to listen to the sound clip and practise the words ready for our performance. Lets rock Calthorpe!

Well here we are and here we are and here we go,
On and on, an’ we’re hittin’ the road,
Here we go,
Rockin’ all over the world.

Well giddy up and giddy up and get away,
We’re going crazy and we’re going today,
Here we go,
Rockin’ all over the world.

An’ I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I la la la like it, La la la like, Here we go, Rockin’ all over the world.

We’re gonna tell your mama what you’re gonna do,
So come on out and get your dancin’ shoes,
Here we go,
Rockin’ all over the world.
An’ I like it, I like it, I like it I like it, I la la la like it, La la la like,
Here we go,
Rockin’ all over the world. Ooh hooh, Ooh hooh, Here we go. Yeah!

Wakz pack tracker by Eliot

Wakz pack tracker is an epic land machine that has moving jaws, by spinning the front wheels, and enormous tires. It is part of the wolf tribe in Lego chima. It has a cannon , not a flick cannon, that has an enormous spear that fits inside. It has around 630 pieces altogether. It is for people aged 8-14. At first, without the head and wheels, it looks like an ironing board, a mini version of an ironing board.



Lets take a look at the box and toy of it.



Now, lets look at the epic minifigures you get.

This is Wakz. The wolf tribe is a bad  tribe.






This is Winzar.











This is Equila he is from the eagle tribe and the eagle tribe is a good tribe.












Watch this video about it by clicking the link  http://bit.ly/lego-chima


Do you like this legdend

Our internet comedy series

Aires-Twirl and Howl Jenkins Pendragon starring in the life of the siblings which is a youtube comedy. Special apperances by 4p and  costumes and editing by Rio. Ds played as Rio. Catboy played as Keiron. Catwoman played as Alina. Howl played as Rio. Kidobrine played as Rio. Robin played as Rio. Rio and Keiron played by themselves. Boy of night played as Rio. Nightwing played as Rio. Natures comand, Aires-Twirl and Wonderwoman played as Eleanor.


This picture shows Lenny at the railway station with his Mom. He is about to board the train.

How do you think Lenny feels?

How do you think his mum feels?

What do you think Lenny is thinking?

Use the comments section to ask and answer questions about the picture.

Remember to use the question stems!

Literacy by Navandeep

This week in Literacy, we have been listening to ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’. Miss Thomas taught us how to put actions to the story, so we could retell the   story.  After that,  we  were given small sections of the story and then told to put actions to the words. My next step is to teach the rest of  the  class the section I have learnt.

Top Six Yu-Gi-Oh cards

If you have not discovered  Yu-Gi-Oh yet it’s an animated cartoon series with four different time. The first is the original series with an ancient Egyptian theme with a boy called Yugi Motu who becomes the king of games and becomes the most famous duelist (this cartoon is based upon dueling with yu gi oh cards with this is a good time to mention they do have a trading card series and there selling them in toysarus ]  who becomes the king of games. The next series is about a boy called Jaden Yugi who is in a place called the duel academy where he learns how to use his Yu Gi Oh cards. In wacky adventures, in one episode, he battles with a monkey! The next series is about a person called Yusei Fudo  who does do duels but know every body now duels in motor cycles called duel runners. Now for the last series its a series I have know idea about I don’t even know the name of the series. Okay now to the list okay lets start it.

1 Exodia the forbidden one

You will need other cards to make this card.



2 Slifer the sky dragon

This is an Egyptian god card so you cant play it in battles.


3 Blue Eyes White Dragon

It has no effect but can you get three on the field.


4 Winged dragon of Ra

Best card ever but you still can use this Egyptian card in the field because its in the rules.


5 Obelisk the tormentor

This cannot be used in the field but it is the most powerful of the Egyptian god cards and could elimanate all cards.


6. five headed dragon

Five in one this ultimate cards has the power of all the god cards in one card.

That’s the end of my report hope you enjoyed it.